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      The Digest is a monthly newsletter chronicling monthly events, opinions and accomplishments in the TDA community.

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    1. Veteran Artists

      The galleries of artists who may have gone on to better things, but whose graphics we still greatly admire. You can browse here for some inspiration. Veteran artists that would like their galleries moved back to the Master Artist section, please post here!


      Due to TinyPic shutting down, a lot of galleries were moved! Please visit this forum to see how you can have your gallery moved back!

    2. Designer Artists

      Designers make any type of art which is not the usual for TDA - photomanipulations, digital paintings, vector art, typography, 3D art, paintings and drawings, photography, design (posters, brochures, magazines, business cards, T shirts etc), web design (also skins) ....and so on.

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      These artists are the best and brightest TDA has to offer. Beyond the rank of Master, there are more ranks as we want our members to continue to improve: Master Epsilon, Master Delta, Master Gamma, Master Beta and Master Alpha.

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      With fantastic style and technique, these artists are on the edge of greatness.

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      These artists have shown a lot talent and potential.

    6. Rising Artists

      These artists are half way through the ranks with great potential!

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    7. Junior Artists

      These artists have managed the basics and a lot more.

    8. Developing Artists

      These members have started their journey and are improving fast!

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    9. Member Artists

      All new artists must start here as a Member Artist to await monthly promotions.

    10. New Artists!

      If you wish to become a TDA artist, please read the rules carefully before posting your new gallery in this forum.

  4. The Floo Network

    1. Pottersworld   (39997 visits to this link)

      An extensive role-playing (RPG) site taking place in the post-Potter era.

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    • Hello!    It has come to our attention that there were instances of people who request a graphic on several websites at the same time. We feel like it may result in artists filling the request simultaneously and their time being wasted when some of the graphics are not used.    To reflect that, there's been an update to the request form, we added the following line:   Additionally, the requesting rules have been updated:   Thank you!  
    • We're back after a very speedy maintenance! We updated the skins (again...) and what it means to you is that   1. We had to retire TDA 2018 - Winter skin 😞 It was outdated and we are very sorry for the inconvenience to those who were using it!   2. If you were using a skin that is not the Default TDA 2020 - PINK skin, you may need to choose the desired skin again. You can do so by scrolling aaaaaall the way to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Theme" button.   3. The edit button is where it belongs, next to the quote button! Woo!   4. As always, if you see any bugs, please report them here+ or PM me directly. Please include a screenshot, my brain is very basic and only works with pictorials  
    • soooo not sure how i haven't seen your gallery before with all my lurking of the veteran artist galleries and with the new graphics you've been posting around but just wanted to come and leave a quick comment to say that your work is STUNNING. when the page loaded i had intended to leave a more detailed post with more specifics but i'm not really trying to write the great american novel here so WOW i just love everything. i love how you pair softer coloring with more vibrant pops of color most of all, and i love how cohesive the 7 deadly sins banner set is. 😍   can't wait to see more new stuff from you! audrey✨
    • hi lexi!✨   i absolutely LOOOOVE how dynamic your comp and text are. all of your graphics are gorgeous but signatures are obviously your strong suit. 😍 i love the coloring on +this and +this especially and i can't wait to see what else you create and i'm sure you'll fly up the ranks!   audrey
    • A new year brings fresh new ideas. The current setup of the digest has been running for 3 and a half years. So we would like to hear your thoughts on what you like and do not like as well as your own ideas for the digest.  If you think of anything after filling out the survey then feel free to post them below.   ++ Digest Survey ++
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