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The Dark Arts
  1. Q&A about the new forums

    1. Q&A about the new forums

      TDA has gone through a lot of changes in the last weeks. Domain, server and an upgrade.

      With them come missing things, extra things and a lot of different things.

      This forum is for you to get all the answers to your questions. Guests are welcome to post.


      If you think you're not getting email notifications, check your spam folder.

  2. The Dark Arts Information

    1. Enter The Dark Arts   (42064 visits to this link)

      In order to view TDA in its entirety, please login or register.


      Once your account has been validated (first via e-mail, then by admin validation), you will have full-access to:

      - graphic requests for story banners, forum sets, and more

      - up for grabs graphics

      - tutorials for all programs and levels

      - resources: stock photos, image packs, textures, and more

      - graphic challenges, big and small

      - an extensive community of graphic artists

    2. Rules & FAQs

      Everything you could possibly need to know as a member of TDA! Includes Rules for specific areas of the forums, guides and FAQs.

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    4. Notices from the Admin

      Here you'll find information about site activities and updates.

    5. Dark Arts Digest

      The Digest is a monthly newsletter chronicling monthly events, opinions and accomplishments in the TDA community.

    6. Challenge Winners Hall of Fame

      Who won the most? Who won any? This section contains a record of all challenges and their winners.

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  3. Artist Galleries

    1. Veteran Artists

      The galleries of artists who may have gone on to better things, but whose graphics we still greatly admire. You can browse here for some inspiration. Veteran artists that would like their galleries moved back to the Master Artist section, please PM an admin!

    2. Designer Artists

      Designers make any type of art which is not the usual for TDA - photomanipulations, digital paintings, vector art, typography, 3D art, paintings and drawings, photography, design (posters, brochures, magazines, business cards, T shirts etc), web design (also skins) ....and so on.

    3. Master Artists

      These artists are the best and brightest TDA has to offer.

    4. Graduate Artists

      With fantastic style and technique, these artists are on the edge of greatness.

    5. Senior Artists

      Halfway up the ranks, these artists have much talent and potential.

    6. Junior Artists

      These artists have managed the basics and a lot more.

    7. Member Artists

      All new artists must start here as a Member Artist to await monthly promotions.

    8. New Artists!

      If you wish to become a TDA artist, please read the rules carefully before posting your new gallery in this forum.

  4. Requesting Arena

    1. Up For Grabs

      Don't want to wait for a request to be taken? Try browsing this area for pre-made banners and forum graphics of all types imaginable.

    2. Story Graphic Requests

      If you are looking for any graphics for your story - banners, chapter images or story sets - step in here! Please observe all of the requesting rules and remember to respect our artists. Junior+ artists may fill requests in this forum.

    3. RPG and Forum Graphic Requests

      This is your one-stop forum for your forum accessories: signatures, avatars, and character library images, as well as tumblr roleplay requests. Junior+ artists may fill requests in this forum.

    4. Other Graphic Requests

      For all other types of requests that don't fit anywhere else - desktop wallpapers, website layouts, forum or tumblr headers and pips, character make-overs (ie changing a person's hair colour) graphics for private use, etc. Junior+ artists may fill requests in this forum.

  5. Tutorial Center

    1. Featured Tutorials

      Here you will find selected tutorials posted by the members of TDA. This forum is visible to guests.

    2. Tutorials

      Where you'll find tutorials by TDA members and where you can ask questions regarding software, techniques, etc.
      You must have at least 5 posts to view the tutorials.

  6. Duelling Arena

    1. General Challenges

      For all members, with or without galleries. A maximum of 12 2-week long challenges are posted at one time.

    2. Monthly Challenges

      Here you can participate in Ultimate Challenges, I Challenge Thee! and compete within your artist rank for coveted Your Best Work award!

    3. Special Challenges

      Participate in the Last Graphic Maker Standing challenge or make a friend and improve your graphics by participating in our Big Buddy Little Buddy program! Duel another artist in a Graphic Battle or challenge yourself by embarking on a Graphic Quest!

  7. Critique Corner

    1. 1776
    2. Graphic Critique

      The place to get critique on all graphics such as banners, sigs, chapter images, blends, headers, icons, ....

    3. Gallery Critique

      Where Junior+ artists can offer gallery critique.

    4. Help Me Choose!

      For when you can't decide which graphic is best, ideal for challenge entries and gallery inclusions.

    5. Technique Spotlight

      Every few months, we'll feature a graphic-making technique with special tutorials and helpful tips for enhancing your skills.

    6. Technique Based Q&A Centre

      This forum is for technique related questions. Do you have a graphic but you can't seem to blend the hair correctly, or can't seem to get rid of the orange hues and can't find how to do it in the tutorial section? Then post the graphic here to get tips and tricks from your fellow artists.

  8. Resource Arena

    1. Featured Resources

      Here you will find selected resources posted by the members of TDA. This forum is visible to guests.

    2. General Resources

      Here you will find the answers to all sorts of Resource questions: Who's That? What's that font? What's that resource?

      [Copyrighted Images Masterlist]

    3. Stock

      Here you can find stock images (trees, flowers, buildings, etc.) for use in your graphics.

    4. Textures

      Here you can find textures for use in your graphics. These are varied from colourful to grungy, simple to detailed and everything in between!

    5. People

      Looking for people to put into your graphics? Look no further!

    6. Other

      In here you'll find screencaps, fonts, brushes, gradients, mixtures, and more!

  9. When All Else Fails...

    1. 3642
    2. 154
    3. TDA Rec Room

      If you're looking for forum games, look no further! Especially if you like spam. Posting here will not add to your post count.
      [Post Your Last Creation]

  10. The Floo Network

    1. Pottersworld   (39587 visits to this link)

      An extensive role-playing (RPG) site taking place in the post-Potter era.

    2. HPFanficTalk Forums   (1883 visits to this link)

      HPFanficTalk is a community for Harry Potter fans to discuss fanfic, writing, fandom news, and connect with one another.

    3. HPFanficTalk Archive   (1497 visits to this link)

      HPFanficTalk (or HPFT) is a moderated multi-fandom/original fiction archive with a dedicated, responsive staff who monitor stories to ensure the archive remains a safe place for people of all ages, genders, races, and sexual orientations.

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    • Challenge Issued By: jellybean jones Challenge Title: The Ultimate Fairy Tale Challenge Image Size: 6-8 banners, vertical banners, chapter images, signatures, set of 10 icons, or combinations thereof  Text on image? fairy tale title required, quotes optional Images: (Specifics?) match fairy tale Mood: match fairy tale Animation Yes/No: up to artist  Other: (Color, font, etc.) Pick one or more fairy tales and create graphics for them encompassing what they are about and the like! Everything else is up to the artists' discretion  Challenge ends: June 30, 2019   Do not post until you have a partial entry - we'll just delete your post. And, don't forget your thumbnail codes:     [url=link to entry here][img=link to thumbnail here][/url]     Thumbnails should be no larger than 250x400 or 400x250. Entries that do not include a thumbnail or with an incorrectly sized thumbnail will be disqualified.
    • Challenge Issued By: starbuck. Challenge Title: The Ultimate Minimalist Challenge Image Size: 6 700x150 banners or 6 500x200 signatures Text on image? any, but all graphics must have at least one word of text Images: (Specifics?) any Mood: any Animation Yes/No: no Other: (Color, font, etc.) make six minimalistic banners or signatures - the way you want to interpret minimalistic is up to you, though i think the term is pretty straightforward :P Challenge ends: June 30, 2019   Do not post until you have a partial entry - we'll just delete your post. And, don't forget your thumbnail codes:   [url=link to entry here][img=link to thumbnail here][/url]   Thumbnails should be no larger than 250x400 or 400x250. Entries that do not include a thumbnail or with an incorrectly sized thumbnail will be disqualified.
    • I ended up with a different smile pic of Beyonce because the other ones weren't working with my ability to get a balance in the image. I didn't get an outline of Hogwarts, but I tried to get some green in there for you. I hope this is OK for what you're looking for. Let me know if there are any changes needed. The sig image didn't work well with the sig, and I was trying to make them work as a set. Again, let me know if there are any changes needed. I just hope this works for you.    
    • Post your challenge ideas in this thread, using the general challenge form found below. Remember to make the challenge more difficult than the general challenges - ex. more than three graphics, different types of graphics, etc.     Ideas can be posted by Junior+ artists, regardless of any other position you may hold on TDA (Member Artists may buy a chance to suggest an UC idea using Vault points!). Also, feel free to recycle any old ideas from the previous months that didn't win. It might be their lucky month this time around. For complete rules, +please see here.   The last SIX successful UC ideas cannot be suggested again this month. The past six UCs are listed below, and none of those ideas can be suggested in this topic this month. If they are, they won't be included in the poll. You can re-suggest any ideas from past UC idea polls that were not successful in becoming the winning UC idea - just not that winning idea itself! Ideas that cannot be suggested this month: The Ultimate Manipulate the Base Challenge The Ultimate Black and White Challenge The Ultimate Rainbow Challenge The Ultimate Resource Challenge The Ultimate Continuous Banner Challenge The Ultimate Holiday Challenge
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