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  2. I'm opening the request now, but just to make sure, did you mean 750x150 for dimensions or 700x150? thanks! :)
  3. Hello, I'm back with another banner request! Story (or Chapter) Title: Lionfish Spines and Dusty Bottles Link to your Story (or Chapter): clicky+ Size of Graphic: 750 x 150 Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: Yes, MadiMalfoy Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: No Do You Have Permission to Change it?: N?A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Dylan O'Brien as Terry Boot (Maze Runner Era, if possible for that longer haircut he had for the movies, such as in this photo+) Other Images You Would Like: potions bottles, leather notebook (if possible) Quotes to use on Graphic: None Color Preferences: Muted earth tones Mood of Your Story: Day in the life of a potions apprentice Animation? If so, how? None Additional Information: None Let me know if you have any questions or want clarification on anything!
  4. Size: 500x200 and 200x200Images: Cesar CasierText: Apollo MeyersColor Preferences: wherever muse strikes!Preferred Mood: darker, melancholicLink to Place to be Used: https://pottersworld.org/forums/index.php?/profile/112684-apollo-meyers/Link to Screencap: https://i.imgur.com/gJsK2wo.pngWhen was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): mar 07, 2019Additional Information: n/a
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  6. Post your challenge ideas in this thread, using the general challenge form found below. Remember to make the challenge more difficult than the general challenges - ex. more than three graphics, different types of graphics, etc. Ideas can be posted by Junior+ artists, regardless of any other position you may hold on TDA (Member Artists may buy a chance to suggest an UC idea using Vault points!). Also, feel free to recycle any old ideas from the previous months that didn't win. It might be their lucky month this time around. For complete rules, +please see here. The last SIX successful UC ideas cannot be suggested again this month. The past six UCs are listed below, and none of those ideas can be suggested in this topic this month. If they are, they won't be included in the poll. You can re-suggest any ideas from past UC idea polls that were not successful in becoming the winning UC idea - just not that winning idea itself! Ideas that cannot be suggested this month: The Ultimate Black and White Challenge The Ultimate Rainbow Challenge The Ultimate Resource Challenge The Ultimate Continuous Banner Challenge The Ultimate Holiday Challenge The Ultimate Mixtape Challenge
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  8. It looks dark and mysterious: it's just perfect! Mine on the other hand, looks mew [IMG=https://images2.imgbox.com/6c/b7/Ol0f1KPA_o.png]
  9. [img=https://k.nickpic.host/b5gaY1.png] okay for sm
  10. Link to Thread: gallery ^-^ To: senior artists
  11. a few years isn't too late to reply, i hope? @TreacleTart it's been a while since bblb hasn't it? i hope you've being doing well since then! i'm sure i've mentioned this before but thank you so much for the love!! it's been four years since i made that banner but it's arguably my most recognizable piece XD also i never noticed how much i used primary colors til you mentioned it?? didn't realize i was that much of a creature of habit haha thank you once again for dropping by!!! @beyond the rain bex!! you absolute legend!! i should be the one asking you to teach me your ways considering how rusty i am like everything you said i could say exactly the same about you i am not worthy T_T thank you so much for the love!! @paper doll jean you can't just say this and leave you're like my favorite aesthetic ever and i'd do many strange, unspecified things to learn all your graphic secrets. i am like, the opposite of goals ??? but seriously thank you so much for your kind words and you also stay awesome love!!!
  12. Challenge Issued By: .amaris aka Tomi Challenge Title: the Before & After Challenge v. 7 million Image Size: Artist's choice. 1 700x110 banner, 380x300 CI, 500x200 sig, or 800x600 blend Text: Artist's choice Specific Images: Up to artist Mood: Up to artist 😂 Animation? If you want Other Information: I always find it fascinating to see the progression of people's graphics and how they get there. So for anyone who has never done this challenge before, when everything is said and done you should have two graphics on one canvas. One is your before which is your base without any additives (i.e. no coloring, text, brushes, filtering, etc). And the second is your after, which is the final graphic after you've added all those other things to it. Please remember your image code! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: May 3, 2019 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here]
  13. [IMG=https://images2.imgbox.com/39/e7/C4w6024n_o.png]
  14. Thank you for the squee! ❤️

  15. It's been a hot minute since I've requested a banner so I'm a bit nervous, but I figured my newest story was looking a little lonely without one so why not? ;) Story (or Chapter) Title: can you light the fire? Link to your Story (or Chapter): M Size of Graphic: 700 x 150 Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: nah that's okay Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: nope  Do You Have Permission to Change it?: n.a Characters to Include (Canon or Original): for ginny weasley, i would like LUCA HOLLESTELLE and for harry, i would prefer JEON WONWOO. glasses are preferred (an example of what i mean would be +this. note: i haven't checked out the copyright ish with this so it's just a general reference), but if you can't find an image, it's fine. i'll just pass it off as harry wearing contacts lol :P dark hair is a must though! Other Images You Would Like: nothing specific actually. just nothing magical because it's a modern muggle au Quotes to use on Graphic: "she smiled at him and it was lovely." Color Preferences: warm colours! i have (attempted to) include a small motif of sunlight in reference to harry's perception of ginny so it would be cool if the colour scheme leaned more towards the yellows. but i'm never that picky about things since artistic freedom and all, so as long as it's warm, i'm cool with it. Mood of Your Story: a bit of slice of life, an attempt at humour, lots of harry being the dramatic boy we all know he is. it does get a bit deep towards the end actually, but i wouldn't label it as intensely angsty. lots of pining really. Animation? If so, how? none thank you Additional Information: i think i've covered everything but feel free to ask for more details. thank you in advance!
  16. Ahh @Kirjava this is gorgeous! I actually really like the bluer background since it makes the vines stand out more. I'll take as is and rehost and credit
  17. Hiya Madi! Here's what I've come up with :) It isn't quite as green as I was hoping, so I completely understand if you'd like any changes or would prefer to reopen :) If you do choose to use, please rehost and credit to Kirjava @TDA ❤️
  18. Please vote what to keep and comments would be very helpful. I've been lax on updating my gallery so I'm doing a thorough clean-out and seeing what to add.
  19. Hi! Please hold off claiming this request until we get a confirmation from the requestor for which artist it was meant for ❤️
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