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  3. Caro! I'm just here to say that I'm absolutely obsessed with everything in here, especially that Hannibal poster 😍 and your manips are absolutely flawless!
  4. LOVE THESE TO DEATH. Theeeese are very beautiful, and I’m in a few of the fandoms. Love it! ❤️. Well done!!! ❤️
  5. These are kind of epic! I’m still at the starting stage, but I’m learning. LOL. I found a few websites which could help me. Ive been wanting to glow up on my photos. But I’m not sure. Oh well, but these are epic!
  6. Beautiful edits, may you teach me? :] ❤️
  7. Congratulations, Jess! What an excellent month for you! ❤️
  8. This is amazing. I really ❤️ the Thomas on. Because its so graphically cool. And minty. But the others are just as nice!
  9. *grumbles like getting out of bed* Love the last few!
  10. Someone’s in my world. ❤️ Love them. Favorite beast. Well done!
  11. I love this! This is the first with cartoons in it. Did you draw it? Cause I very badly wanted to do a Sokkla edit.
  12. These are stunningly beautiful, wish I had photoshop! But I have photopea!
  13. Hello, your gallery was moved to inactive as it hadn’t been updated in over six months. Now that you’ve updated the gallery, you can have it moved back to Member Artists section by posting in this thread
  14. Is it alright if I edited the page? Sorry for not alerting your further more. *headache time*
  15. awee thanks!!! that made my day seeing that and congrats Suga!!🥰🥰🥰
  16. Welcome Anony! I hope you have fun here!
  17. Please join me in congratulating Jess on becoming this month's TDA Superstar ❤️ Reporting for August is open here+!
  18. Hi! You can learn at pixlr, photoshop, photopea.. any others! (If you have money) THENITSMORE! I was just jamming out on my YouTube channel then I logged into TDA. You can look at some of the graphics I made on post your last creation by Lola. You can learn there as well! -Amanda
  19. Name: Anony (stranger danger, sorry.) Tumblr: https://anony10298.tumblr.com/ Twitter: -- Skype: -- Other: --
  20. I am Anony Mous. You may call me Anony . I am new to designing and have no experience, whatsoever, but I want to learn and I read somewhere that you can here. So I signed up. I am a proud Earthian, may I add. I look forward to having a blast here. ~Anony
  21. Congratulations everyone! @kalopsia @souffle girl. @.schultz @winter soldier @iron man awards by Lola. award by Lola. award by winter soldier awards by Lola. awards by Lola.
  22. Okie dokie, thanks! ❤️
  23. @coyrubis. Find a challenge you want to participate in, make a graphic according to the challenge brief and then post it in the thread like you would in a regular challenge.
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