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  2. I really would like to watch crimes of Grindelwald very much but I can’t. 

  3. After saying hufflepuff it’s like waking up with leeches . Ouch. 

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  5. If this is Possible )I’m going to be possed with the spirit of Adolfe now= But I want her personality to be spunky like Bonnie in TVD. Love ❤️ 

  6. Well what about hayley Williams. She very well fits my character persona. Then there was Grimmes. Huehuehue. Maybe some red tulips like flowers, I did have it on my kindle but I’m not sure! Picture you may use as a background. Mood setting I want it to be dark kind of like the setting of the seventh movie! PH Woods,sorry I was thjinking of my character Adolfe, But what i want for Barred is to be cheerfully happy bubblegum¡
  7. “Sitting front of a row full of students- professor McGonagall said “Amanda would you please come up to the sorting hat,” amortentia then proceeded to go upwards. And nerversoulsy sat waiting. it was silent a second before “.. SLYTHERIN” Hehehuehuehue
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  9. el1234

    Birthday List

    Liz - November 15 such a cute idea!
  10. Hi! I heard about HPFF through the use of a sister site (I believe it is anyways) called Pottersworld! I also had a few friends on HPFF who used TDA as well. Excited to be here!
  11. Link to place to be used: Ask Anonymous story summary page Text to include on graphic: Ask Anonymous Images to include on graphic: So the celebrity I want for Nora is Sky Ferreira when she was younger and had her wild, dirty blonde hair. This image is a good example and definitely can be used, but can be another image with this same hair. I'd also like either a newspaper or a journal, too. Your choice! Dimensions: 700x100 HPFF banner Additional information: I'd like muted colors for the banner, and the story itself has a lighter tone--it's more of a coming-of-age story than anything else. I'd like the banner to be more minimalist, but not as simple as the temp one I made to fill the space.
  12. Hi! I can take this. I have a few questions though, is there a particular look you want for the model? I can always use a model with blonde hair and make it pink with the one black streak if you’d like? And as for the background, do you want only clouds or anything else?
  13. Walking towards the hat I eye it warily, knowing fully well that for a hat to know my future it must be cunning beyond measure. I take a seat and watch as the hat is placed upon my head knowing it can see all of my thoughts. Glancing up at the brim tapering over my face i ask it in my head, "Are you really as smart as they say you are? If so I respect that. I do enjoy someone or something that can engage on an intellectual level. " Wherever it put me I knew I wanted to be where I could learn all I could about this world. So much knowledge at my fingertips in the castle I could not wait.
  14. It's no longer about Avenging the Earth, it's about reclaiming it... PLOT • RULES • CANONS • WANTEDS • ADVERTISE
  15. looking around and the faces of all the different type of people staring at you. The silver and blue and the yellow and black both stare at you. A gulp and anxiety wash over you as she take a seat on the stool, waiting for what the hat will say.
  16. Hello! The Sorting thread from the Harry Potter Celebration month has been moved into the Welcome section, so anyone who didn't get chance to be sorted and get a super cool badge on their mini profile can now do so! You can view the thread here!
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  18. Wow, this is great! Thanks again for doing this, will credit 😁😁
  19. hi there! thank you for the warm welcome.
  20. thank you for the mention--i am in SUCH good company with all of the spotlight graphics!
  21. Thanks for the warm welcome, Amy & Shona! ❤️
  22. I will have the chapter image for you soon! So sorry for the delay ❤️ How is this for your book cover? ^_^ Please feel free to ask for any changes!
  23. Welcome to TDA, Caleb! I'm Shona ^_^ I look forward to seeing your graphics! Also love love roleplay! And piano'ing!
  24. Hiya! Welcome back to TDA! I look forward to seeing your graphics! The community here is still so supportive and great ^_^
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