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  2. tried out a new layout in my gallery. i'm pretty sure i like it...

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  4. WHAT????!!!! my jaw literally dropped!!! thank you so much for the wins and nominations ahhh i am screaming!!!! <3333 and congratulations to everyone as well!! so excited for everyone omg
  5. Jane

    [open]PW set request

    Lovely! Thank you, @Lola.! Sorry to have missed that!
  6. my graphics look COMPLETELY different on my pc than my mac ?!?!

    1. starbuck.


      they look perfect to me anyhow :P yeah but that's because of different screens...i even see a difference between my graphic on my laptop and my phone

    2. bittersweetflames


      sameeeee!!! D= phone, tablet, home laptop, work PC. 😐 it turns you neurotic ngl. lol 

  7. ShadowRose

    gw chapter images?

    i made a bunch of chapter images for this month's UC, and seeing as the CI section of my gallery is basically empty at this point, i'm trying to figure out which of these bad boys (if any) should go in! feel free to pick as many or as few as you want thanks in advance
  8. Hi Lola! Sorry for the delay. Here's a link to a larger screencap and here is a screencap of just the signature with credit:
  9. wildest dreams.

    Dark Mark Awards 2018 - winners&finalists!

    Legitimately NEVER thought I would see a year where I was artist of the year so that’s such a huge shock and I’m really excited about that! Thank you so much for all the votes!!!! 💕💕💕💕 Congratulations everyone else all of these are super well deserved!!!!!
  10. Congratulations everyone! I think everyone on this list should be super proud of themselves!
  11. cheriechapstick

    Dark Mark Awards 2018 - winners&finalists!

    2018 was a great year here at TDA. Thanks for the nominations and votes! Congrats to all our winners and finalist!! Here's to another great and successful year at TDA! ❤️
  12. hello! is this request still needed?
  13. The votes have been tallied, and we now present to you the winners (in red) and finalists (in black) of the Dark Mark Awards 2018! note: artists who won in more than two categories were given the choice to choose which ones they would like to keep awards by starbuck. Artist of the Year wildest dreams. steve harrington cheriechapstick caribou Best at Manipulations yellow. azimuth Nebula. Best at Aesthetics galadriel starbuck. ailhsa Best at Alternative Art azimuth Symple Lish yellow. Best at Animation Bear&Fox starbuck. Best at Banners miss atomic bomb starbuck. seraphine Best at Black and White starbuck. Nebula. Best at Blends snicket! miss atomic bomb Best at Challenges miss atomic bomb galaxies Best at Chapter Images lilscratchy softbun. wildest dreams. Best at Coloring felis catus azimuth .amaris Best at Colorizations hamylton. abhorsen. miss atomic bomb Best at Composition a.leksy wildest dreams. awkward. Best at Critique choobacca Best at Filling Requests Lola. wildest dreams. Best at Icons endlessly .amaris Best at Partial Monochrome milominderbinder Photoshopfreak starbuck. Best at Signatures seabear wildest dreams. kaitkat Best at Simplicty Nebula. paper.doll if/then Best at Stock Use beyond the rain amoretti Newt Scamander styles Best at Texture Use wildest dreams. Photoshopfreak Best at Vertical Banners love.story miss atomic bomb bright spark Best Challenge steve harrington: The Crazy Random Pixel Challenge v2.0 starbuck. Best Gallery Design abhorsen. caribou azimuth Best Graduate Artist caribou cheriechapstick galadriel just.a.willow.tree Best Graphic of 2018 yellow. empyreal. endlessly starbuck. Best Junior Artist ShadowRose jellybean jones lucida. warandpeace Best Master Artist azimuth beyond the rain. hecate Newt Scamander scintilla Best Member Artist finxter365 sheepish drownout_thenoise Athymia Paradise Best Moderator hamylton. abhorsen. choobacca Amortentia1992 Newt Scamander Best Requester MadiMalfoy just.a.willow.tree Best Resource Holster: Charlotte's GIF Pack miss atomic bomb cheriechapstick Best Senior Artist Kirjava bright spark Amortentia1992 Bona Dea Best Style starbuck. choobacca a.leksy wildest dreams. Best Text seabear milominderbinder wildest dreams. Best Tutorial snicket!: Focal Point: Jade Style! starbuck. Holster Amortentia1992 Most Helpful Member jellybean jones ShadowRose love.story Most Original Artist of 2018 a.leksy endlessly. milominderbinder scintilla Most Versatile Artist saturn. miss atomic bomb starbuck. beyond the rain TDA's Next Big Artist ShadowRose bright spark Amortentia1992
  14. Soft blending will be the death of me. 

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    2. cheriechapstick


      I think it's just because I'm a massive perfectionist lol! I was like 'youre just going to hide this blending with a texture it doesn't have to be perfect' but I was like nuuuuu. haha

    3. niika


      I feel you, I can't see that far in the future when making graphics to use that kind of logic. 

    4. cheriechapstick


      oh I had no idea what texture I was going to use, just that I was gonna use one! Haha

  15. Hi! PW rules allow links to TDA from what I just read but just adding “TDA” works as well, thank you ^_^
  16. Lola.

    [open]PW set request

    Hello @Jane! thank you for requesting at TDA! I moved this topic to the Specific Artists forum since you’re requesting for artists with rank senior+ to fill this request
  17. Jane

    [open]PW set request

    Size: 500x200, 100x100 Images: Any images of Tessa Thompson with short hair Text: Ealys Morr Color Preferences: Not super picky about the colors I don't think. Nothing too, too bright, but also nothing too, too dark either. Preferred Mood: Confident and content Link to Place to be Used: +here Link to Screencap: +here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): This is my first request. Additional Information: Ealys is a first year, muggleborn at Hogwarts with no prior exposure to magic. She's strong-willed and sometimes that's to a fault, but she has a stark sense of right and wrong, though she'll be learning the value of the grey spaces as she goes Thank you so much!
  18. choobacca

    [misc] the monochrome challenge

  19. Oh yes I can do that! It currently does not link, and I don't think I'm allowed to do that per PW's rules, so I'll put the TDA thing. Here it is! Sorry about that!
  20. choobacca

    February's Member's Choice Promotion!

    way to go steph!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  21. Yesterday
  22. ShadowRose

    February's Member's Choice Promotion!

    congratulations, steph!!
  23. confetti.

    February's Member's Choice Promotion!

  24. taylor it is LITERALLY PERFECT! thank you so much, i love it!! rehosting and crediting now ❤️
  25. how's this? let me know if you'd like any changes!
  26. minimalist.

    [misc] The One-Text Texture Challenge

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