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  2. 🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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  4. The 2020 Dark Mark Awards are open for nominations! Nominations are open from December 1st to December 29th. Voting will commence in the new year! Every nomination will earn you 1 Vault point. Don't forget to claim them when you finish your nominations! Make sure to check the general rules for nominating and the specific rules in each nomination thread. If you have any questions, post below or in the nomination rules thread. The Dark Mark Awards 2020!
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  6. A banner for my story which probably wobt be written out. 


  7. A different edit I made. 🥰


  8. I might get a hetalia costume for Christmas and between now (lol) Ive been kind of a ghost follower to the fandom for a while. But which cosplay do you think i can do?

    The ones i think I can do is




    -Latvia >looks>


    Going by Personality that is. 

  9. Loving the sound of these changes! Thank you for all your hard work ❤️
  10. gallery link: here is your gallery updated? err no...but it will be once i make some acceptable things lol
  11. I may have again treaded myself in an on marked territory that is not for erm, I dont know. 

  12. Does anyone know how to put signatures on harrypotterfanfiction forums? Cause for me I’m not sure how to do it!!! 😞 

    1. Lola.


      I’m pretty sure they have the same software as we do so you’d go to Account -> Account Settings -> Edit Signature

    2. Lola.


      Oh actually never mind they don’t have the same software so I can’t help you sorry! 😞 

    3. amortentia.


      Thank YOU. 

      I guess its for the older staff. Oh well. 😞 

  13. Thanks, Cee! Everyone is so talented and amazing I've loved having a look through galleries. Ooh definitely! I'll send you a message soon
  14. Hi Meri! Welcome to TDA Well you've come to the best place. We've got amazing artists here, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. I'm actually on PW too so if ever you're ever up for threading, just hit me up with a PM
  15. Hi all! I'm Meri. I was gonna say 'I'm new' but that's kind of obvious! I've come over from pottersworld — is it sad to say mainly to ask someone very nicely for a graphic? I used to do some very basic graphics using GIMP and I have photoshop installed on my Macbook but haven't the foggiest how to use it (it's not technically mine either, my boyfriend installed it for work 🤦‍♀️). Maybe I'll try to get to grips with it and see what happens! 😅
  16. Hello hello audrey! Welcome back I'm really looking forward to see more of your graphics. From what I've seen so far, you're off to a great start. Feel free to DM anytime! Christie xx
  17. hey christie! welcome back! it's been 7 years for me too but somehow feels much longer lol super excited to see what you create - you're off to a good start with the animagus challenge banner! ✨
  18. hi dia! welcome back and it's great to meet you! 💕 wanted to pop over from my post and say hiiii! can't wait to see your work and chat more with you. so happy to be part of the community again ✨
  19. same! yeah i was on for like 5 years from 12 or 13. i think covid just has me missing the sense of community that i had here, and i'm happy to see so many others like you returning right now! looking forward to seeing your work and chatting more! 🙂
  20. Hello dia and welcome back! I've been recently getting back to making graphics too so I know the feeling. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Feel free to DM anytime Christie xx
  21. Hello guys! So I'm Christie, 24. As you might have guessed I'm not exactly new here. I haven't been on this site for the last 7 years but I'm so happy to be back again. I'm currently re-learning everything but I'm really excited about it, so let's hope I'm still good at this! Really looking forward to catch up with everyone and getting to know all the new faces around here! Toodles xx
  22. hello welcome back!! i'm in the same boat, i used to have an account here when i was like 14/15 and now im 22 and i miss the good old days!!
  23. hi everyone! I'm dia i'm 22 and my pronouns are she/her @ mods please dont be mad at me but i used to have an account here eons ago that i was too nervous to really use and im pretty sure its gone now because i have no idea what email i even used to sign up with it and recently i've been reminiscing about graphic making and since im almost a whole new person i figured it was best to start fresh! (i hope thats okay, if not i can try to dig up and find a way to delete my other account, i have no interest in keeping that one) anyway, i used to make graphics for another fandom that i was too nervous to post here because everyone here is just so fricking good!!!!!! but i've been a harry potter fan longer than i've been anything else, so coming back here feels really good!! i see the entire site looks different from the gold/black theme that i remember but i'm really excited about diving straight into tutorials, the resources on this site are just unmatched and im itching to get started please introduce yourself if you want i'd like to get to know as many people as i can!!!
  24. daaaaang 😍 i love that orange/black & white coloring you've used as well as the coloring on that pretty please blend (although your coloring is pretty gorg across the board). i also love how you've mixed more nature-y stock images with graphic textures. i will definitely be keeping an eye out for any updates! 💕
  25. Thank you so much! You're too nice ❤️
  26. wowowow! 😍 i'm blown away by your use of stock and textures (i'm a real sucker for the double exposure vibe). you also do an amazingggg job of showing dimension and making the image look more dynamic by using varying sizes and adding text in different planes of the graphic instead of right on the top layer. i can't wait to see what else you create!
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