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  2. Artist Name: Meghan Acknowledged Weak Points: text, composition Type of Critique Requested: clean-out, tips and tricks to improve Software: Photoshop CS6 Most Recent Gallery Update: 7/14/20 Gallery Link: [url=https://the-dark-arts.org/forums/index.php?/topic/100456-if-only-i-could-be-so-grossly-incandescent/]Gallery[/url] Requested Time Frame: take all the time you need
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  4. this is perfect! thank you for the wonderful banner, i'll credit and rehost asap! ❤️
  5. hello! how is this? =D i can give it another shot if you need me to (i did say i was rusty hahaha) or make any changes you need! you know what to do otherwise (;
  6. Artist Name: Ashley Acknowledged Weak Points: banners, text Type of Critique Requested: general, what I can do to get better Software: Photoshop Most Recent Gallery Update: 6.18.20 Gallery Link: here Requested Time Frame: whenever! Thank you!!!
  7. Artist Name: jade/page thirteen. Acknowledged Weak Points: right now - i suspect text and (surprisingly) colouring Type of Critique Requested: i've just come back after like 2 years so just a sort of nudge in the right direction sort of thing -- just want to know i'm on the right track or if i'm making really obvious mistakes, also like, some ideas of how to get out of that sweet comfort zone * i haven't made any new blend-blends yet, although i do have a new header, so i recognise that also makes things difficult D; Software: PSCC Most Recent Gallery Update: 11/7 Gallery Link: Gallery Requested Time Frame: no rush we're in quarantine m8 thanks bex!
  8. Story (or Chapter) Title: how to capture a heart Link to your Story (or Chapter): how to capture a heart+ (M) Size of Graphic: 700 x 150 Would You Like Your Pen Name on the Graphic? Yes, sunshine_locks. Have You Requested This Graphic Before? No. Do You Have Permission to Change it? N/A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Min Yoongi (gallery here+, if needed), and Kim Sae Eun (gallery here+, if needed) Other Images You would like: N/A Quotes to use on Graphic: N/A Color Preferences: Bright colors only please? Mood of Your Story: Happy, fluffy, and romantic for the most part Animation? If so, how? None. Additional Information: N/A
  9. Graphic you would like to claim: banner 17 Your Story Title: Hey Rose Link to your story: here Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? nope Do you have permission to rerequest? n/a Penname on graphic: BellaLestrange87 Quote: not needed! Requested modifications (if any): just the title change and the addition of the penname!
  10. 1st: felis catus 2nd: doctor ziegler 3rd: invidia poll | thread Remember: Choose images that relate to the challenge in some way (if possible). For text, please include the artist's name, place (or "admin's choice"), and the name of the challenge. Thanks to whoever can do these!
  11. Master: Lola. Graduate: invidia Awards should not exceed 300 x 300 in size, but are usually 300x200. Make the name of the artist the clearest text on the award. Include each artists' winning graphic as part of the award (examples by floralprint, by dust & decay). For text, please include the artist's name, rank, "YBW", and the month and year. Thanks to whoever can do these!
  12. [img=https://i.imgur.com/iGM3vYR.png]
  13. your style is so stunning! Those banners and CIs are to die for *_* you were definitely inspo for me when I was moving up the ranks all those years ago 😅 good to see you back again!
  14. Here's the LINK to the post I just made with the felis catus name as the link And here is the SCREENSHOT The Credits portion of the Rules has been updated as well to include the new Promo Image and who made it for me. Once more thank you a lot felis!! It's a lovely promo!! ❤️
  15. Aww hell yeah! I love this!! ❤️ God I didn't think it would be done this quickly!! Thanks sooo much!! ❤️
  16. how's this? feel free to ask for changes etc otherwise pls credit felis catus @ tda
  17. Oh yay, thank you so much, I'm so excited. The first model is Imaan Hammam, i'd prefer her on the banner, any photo is fine if she has the curly hair on it. and unfortunately I don't know the name of the guy, but if thatpic doesn't work out, i can try finding another ginger man :D
  18. 1-First and foremost: MINIONS! me loves minions. This issue has an amazing graphic concept and I absolutely love the chosen header. 2- Thank you for the feature. you're all so kind for noticing my graphics, especially those I am not all that confident about...So again thanks. 3. Amoretti- wow! This month she was on fire- either in quantity of entries/requests and with an amazing quality. * tires to pick back dropped jaw*
  19. I’ll try this! Can I get the names of your models? Just in case I do need to look for other image suggestions
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  21. Hi, thank you ! I actually don't really know what the difference is, so I don't have a preference? I'd only like to be able to use it on HPFT as well as HPFF if that helps?
  22. Hello! I’ve opened the request but I wanted to clarify if you had any preference about the size 700x110 or 700x150?
  23. Title: Like an Ocean Link to place to be used: here (M) Text to include on graphic: Like an Ocean + penname: shadowycorner Images to include on graphic: ocean or coast, something traveller like - boots or backpack or maps or a road, quills Characters: Ron and Hermione - this, or this one, or this also open to suggestions if the provided pics don't work Dimensions: Story Banner Size. Additional information: it's for a swoon challenge, so something romancey would be lovely Mood: Slightly serious, adventure-y but with romance. Colors: Could be blues to go with the ocean theme, or up to you. Thank you!
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