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  2. Hello! as PW isn’t guest friendly, we also need a screencapture if your character’s profile :) please edit it in and I’ll be happy to open this request 😊
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  4. @stardusted* I love everything about this banner! The comp and text are to die for and I love how shiny it looks
  5. Vote for your favourites
  6. 1/? [IMG=https://images2.imgbox.com/0c/1e/LICgxIsa_o.png]
  7. @amoretti thank you so much!! i added an other section
  8. Yesterday
  9. thank you so much for the squees! ❤️❤️ @amoretti - this is classic jordan, and everything I love about her graphics. I love those colours, the perfect composition, and the soft simplistic text. So dreamy ❤️ @doctor ziegler I love the composition, the image choice - this looks so cool I love it *_*
  10. they're perfect! thank you so much for the beautiful creations screencap here+
  11. Is this okay? Let me know if you'd like any changes or feel free to reopen 😊
  12. that's more than okay! thank you!
  13. I'd like to try this, if that's okay? :)
  14. In with some Resident Evil >D [img=https://i.imgur.com/7qPOZ1u.png]
  15. I love the colouring, the delicate details and the Storytelling. It's a joy and an inspiration to look at your gallery!
  16. [quote] [b]Link to place to be used:[/b] [url=LINK]https://pottersworld.org/forums/index.php?/profile/113811-zara-olaughlin/[/url] [b]Text to include on graphic:[/b] Zara O'Laughlin [b]Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images)[/b] Emma Stone is my face claim :) Please use pictures of her with red hair not blonde! [b]Dimensions:[/b] 500x200 [b]Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.)[/b] Zara is very sassy and likes to have a fun time so any images where she's being silly or having fun would be awesome! And for color schemes I like her with darker colors like dark purples and greens since she kinda has a dark side as well but honestly go wild with whatever you think would look best! [/quote]
  17. [IMG=https://images2.imgbox.com/ba/fe/cw9pDB3b_o.png] The original banner is circa 2015...
  18. love it so much!!! thank you!:D
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  20. Link to place to be used: Profile Link to screencap: (if not publicly viewable) Screencap Text to include on graphic: Sabrina Clarkson Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images) Any images of Laura Prepon with red hair Dimensions:500x200 on sig, 200x200 on icon Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.) Was sort of picturing yellows and blues, but whatever works best is fine. Just something a bit bright. Thanks so much in advance!
  21. I took a shot! The song felt kind of agnsty-pink when I listened (yes, that's how you describe songs), but just let me know if you don't like the color scheme or would want any other changes.
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