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  2. challenge number 5 has been posted! :3
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  4. thanks for the compliments, audrey ❤️ 

  5. @hamylton. - thank you amy! i really appreciate the notes and i'll definitely work on the few things you mentioned. i do have a few questions but i'll save those for a PM. thank you again!!
  6. Here is the admin pre-promo crit that you requested. Apologies for the delay in doing it. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Composition You have good composition skills. You’re able to use both textures and stock in your graphics and pick images that work well at conveying the feelings and theme of the graphic. Your blending skills are excellent and you use partial monochrome well which aids your focal points. The next thing for you to work on is adding depth to your graphics. This is often done by layering people and objects of different sizes to make it looks like
  7. challenge number 4 has been posted :3
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  9. Challenge number 3 has been posted!
  10. HOLY CANOLI!! honestly, when i saw your comment, i was just beaming from ear to ear. everything about this place fills me with nostalgia despite the shiny new appearance and to see some other oldies check in from time to time bring me great joy. i only joined back start of april after like four years of absence so guess we seem to have great timing seeing each other again meghna, i missed you too & i'm so glad you're doing well. you know i'd make you banners and sigs any day ❤️ thanks for your kind words. and we may not have a glomp emoji, but know that i will always glomp
  11. The links for the wildlife info are +here, +here and +here. If anyone is interested. They are UK sites so I hope they work for everyone.
  12. Thanks everyone for your help and kind wishes. I am sorry for my comment. I feel it diverted everyone's atention from the Digest and the featured artists, which is not fair. Back on track: I am so in awe of Winter Soldier's work. ( and she makes Sebastian Stan graphics!!! so happy for that). Kalopsia is an amazing artist. She is so good at banners and everything is elegant, Scintilla comp skills are not human...*sigh* I am also curious where did you get all the info concerning wildlife?
  13. You need to have to post +here to have yourself added to the birthday list. That’s where we get the list for the digest from!
  14. @iron man - Hey Jess, nice to meet you too! I feel like I had a ~graphics breakthrough~ when I stopped using only front-facing models, so it's good to hear the change is being noticed. Thank you for the lovely comment!! ❤️ @kalopsia - I am very late to this, but thank you Audrey!! I've been working on my coloring, so I'm glad to hear you like it! The comment means a lot, especially coming from someone who always has such gorgeous, dreamy coloring 💖 @winter bear. - Hey Sarah!! The day you made your post, I was actually having a pretty terrible day at work. I logged onto
  15. @winter soldier - thank you enya! that means a lot congrats on your feature in the may digest btw! 💕
  16. Hedgehogs! Me loves hedgehogs. They so lovely and prickly. One thing I love in this forum is that I always learn something new in each newsletter The graphics featured are amazing and my deepest envy. Congrats @winter soldier. It's impossible not to notice your talent. And self centered whinning is next I warned you.:Nothing to see here!;)
  17. @winter soldier thank you so much for the kind words! ❤️ @bewitching. thank you Gaby for taking the time for this critique! it is all very helpful and i appreciate the pointers very much! ❤️
  18. Second challenge has been posted :3 You can also claim vault points for posting in these challenges using the code “Complete a Mock Request Month Challenge”. Each entry is worth 5 points 😊
  19. Holy halloumi. I logged into TDA after ages (really, ages), went to the PYLC thread to see what the good folks are up to these days, and who do I see but the one and only Enya of Mercury days fame? Dear Queen Enya, you are still as talented as ever. I see some new shinies that make me so happy and some old ones that fill me with a wonderful nostalgia. Those banners. I want to write fanfic again just so I can request you to make some graphics for me. I tried to find a glomp emoji but I can't. Are the days of glomping behind us? Hope you're well, miss you! — Meghna
  20. Hi! I am new to this site. Can someone tell me how I can request a cover?

    1. napsugár



      There are instructions here! :)

    2. TheLilacHuffleFox
  21. Congratulations! 🥳
  22. Congratulations to you both! Those awards are stunning! ❤️
  23. Another brilliant edition of the Digest! Thank you guys for working so hard on it! Those bird feeders look really amazing 😮 Congratulations to everyone featured - those graphics are gorgeous! ❤️
  24. ah what a lovely issue, i can't wait to try some of the crafts listed 🤩 also congrats to everyone featured as well, such pretty graphics and so well deserved
  25. congratulations!! those are so pretty!
  26. LOL i almost didn't enter my points...thank you! 😅 congrats to jess and sarah as well!✨
  27. congratulations!! absolutely stunning awards 😍😍😍
  28. beautiful issue! i love that bee hotel craft...too bad i have no reason to make one since i don't have a backyard/garden 😭 thank you for the feature and congrats to phoebe & enya on their features as well! gorgeous graphics 😍
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