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  2. Link to place to be used: Tree Hill: Next Generation Text to include on graphic: Tree Hill: Next Generation Images to include on graphic: Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James-Scott) James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) Shantel VanSanten (Quinn James-Evans) Robert Buckley (Clay Evans) Dimensions: 900x250 Additional information: Font: Raleway Colors: Pastel (Pink, Blue, Light Purple) Can I please have a matching site ad and affiliate button as well. Site Ad - 500x200 Affiliate Button - 88x31
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  4. Both of these beauties by @!lifeisasong
  5. You are an icon queen! All your icons are stunning! Teach me things!

    1. !lifeisasong


      omg thank you!!! i love icons haha 

  6. Challenge Issued By: ailhsa (originally set by: jellybean jones) Challenge Title: The Monochrome Challenge Image Size: 1-3 banners, chapter images, signatures, a set of 6-8 icons, or a blend of 800x600 Text: Up to Artist Specific Images: Up to Artist Mood: Up to Artist Animation? Up to artist Other Information: Just as the name suggests, this is a challenge of making monochrome graphics! Time to limit yourself to one color and create a variety of beautiful graphics--the trick here is to try to maintain depth! You are allowed to use a splash of color here or there, but the vast majority of the graphic needs to be monochrome so don't get too fancy with it! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge ends: 28th December 2019 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here] OR [img=image url here]
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  8. Thank you for the welcome!!! More about me...I have a little daughter, who has 4 years. She's the love of my life. I love movies...I watch at least one movie at day. I love horror movies. I love music....I'm obsessed by Natti Natasha , Maluma, Nicky J and latino-artists.
  9. I added the credit list. I apologize if I did not post the addresses correctly. Thank you for the welcome!! ❤️
  10. [b]Link to place to be used:[/b] BACK IN BLACK [b]Link to screencap:[/b] (if not publicly viewable) [url=LINK]screencap[/url] [b]Text to include on graphic:[/b] Back in Black - a supernatural collosion - SPN-TVD-BTVS [b]Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images)[/b] 1 character from the three shows [b]Dimensions:[/b] 500x500 [b]Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.)[/b]I'd love for it to match the site theme color wise
  11. -ugh- I just can't get the hang of photopea. It is always glitchy, and I just suck at it, lol. I need a better job so I can get a better laptop and afford Photoshop.

    1. XxTheAvengerXxX


      Gimp is a free program you can try. It functions similar to Photoshop. I think the layout is a bit different, but after some fiddling around, I'm sure you can get going on it in no time. :)

    2. panXx


      I'll have to give GIMP another go round. I used a few times in the way past. Thank you for the advice

  12. Flory!! Glad to see you bring your beautiful graphics to TDA :)
  13. hello! thank you for joining TDA! unfortunately, we cannot approve the gallery until you've added a list of credits for resources you used to make your graphics. Please comment once that is done and we will bump your rank 😊
  14. sorry for the wait in opening this request!
  15. Last month we hosted a poll about potential changes to some major rules on TDA and we're working through the poll to implement those changes. One of the questions we asked in the poll was about the rule that required members to ask for permission if they wanted to change a banner or a CI for their stories. It's my pleasure to announce that rule has been revoked now and all graphics can be now re-requested after 4 weeks of being used without having to ask the original artist for permission to do it! 😊 Please bear with us as we implement more changes in the upcoming weeks! (we also have a new request form, in case this has been missed)
  16. Apologies for the lateness! Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Vault this month! We're switching things up a bit and only having one Superstar! Our top earner in November was: @!lifeisasong with a total of 100 points! As a reward for their activity, a special prize goes out to them - they are now the TDA Superstar for the month with their pretty pink pip! (You'll be masked asap) You're more than welcome to congratulate them in this topic! If you want to check all the points earned last month, or overall, you can see the November Statistics in this+ thread. If you'd like to refresh your memory on what you can do on TDA to earn points, and maybe browse for something to spend your points on, see this+ thread for a guide. If you would like to purchase something from the Shop, please see this+thread. The Shop is open all month, so get spending! And as always, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or opinions about how we might be able to improve the Vault, then please feel free to post them in this+ thread. After all, every post in this thread is rewarded with 10 points in the Vault for you! Keep on reporting guys!
  17. Hey there, and thanks for accepting me. An old friend of mine Jay used to be a member and said this was an awesome group. So about me, I am currently trying to use photopea because I can't afford a new laptop nor the price for photoshop and I was hoping I could learn from this group because for some reason I just can't seem to master photo-pea and things look like crap. Second was to find a member who made Jay a header back in 2013/14 ish. She passed it along to me to use and when my old laptop crashed the persons name to credit went with it and I really want to make sure I credit them properly. Other info, I go by the nick name Pan, - it's technically short for peter pan, because I am still a huge kid at heart and hate the idea of growing up. Pronouns are she/her and I can't wait to learn from this group
  18. Hello! Sorry to ask again but is this request still needed?
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