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  3. Oh dear, I'm sorry to be giving you so much trouble. Fixed it again. The link showed up for me the first time so I'm worried it might be the wrong kind, somehow? You just want a link to the profile, correct? I really appreciate your help!
  4. Hiiii! Just poking around and I absolutely ADORE how light and soft all of your graphics are. It feels so warm and friendly that it makes me really happy, especially with your cohesion and composition! I especially like your banner and the text on your take me out sig is awesome! Can't wait to see what more you come up with :)
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  6. @nataliezinc thank you for the screencap, but the link is still missing :)
  7. 19.08.20 - under heavy construction! coming soon! da; RavenOrlov | cypher-s | evey-v | hallyumi | erenaeerae | alkindii | carllton | beapanda | fairyixing | lost-in-arts | tuschen | evenstarr | dariayourlocalidiot | rosesylla | starved-souls | zyleigh | walkinghues | lookslikerain | jakepatt | springsabila | sweetpoisonresources | jayynames | abbysidian | lilith-demoness | maeralein | fawngeneva | yuriblack | fauxism | h-ipsteric | marioantonio | xlebeoufx | mirand-sh | vul3m3 | weiting1122 | vanessax17 | blueshoodesigns | sylvador123 | blutmondlicht | serenay | xxtheavengerxx | doriimer | alternxtive | easterlies | drusibloom | theedgeofdemi | nk_ash | eterniiity | bbon | taxitoheaven | paynetrain | khandr | xcrusnik | surrealdreaming | 97prince | denoctem | styleran | thousandsof-words | reeawhatever | marevasart | william-br | waretote | dei-oh | stewark | gemmaarterton | akaya_teru | missesglass | yellowlemon | jocosity |
  8. This is perfect, I love it so much, thank you again for picking it up ❤️ No need to re cut the av I just didn't notice it could be 200 by 200 now :3 screenshot with cred ❤️
  9. hello! sorry to ask again but is this still needed? 😊
  10. hello! thank you for requesting but before I open it, you need to add a link to your character's profile as well as a screencapture of the profile. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)
  11. Size: 500x200 and 100x100 Images: CF is Zendaya (young, around 11). Feel free to select your own pics! Here are a few I like Text: Olivia Wrigh Color Preferences: Clean, white/pearl/similar background Preferred Mood: Clean, orderly but warm Link to Place to be Used: Here! Link to Screencap: Here! When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): First time in years (new account) Additional Information: Thank you so much! I'm very open to your choices and interpretation
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  13. Size: 500x200 and 100x100Images: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - +album - (images on pw have to be 12+, so necklines can’t show skin below the nipple line, so any photos with dipping necklines will have to be artfully covered )Text: Leah ParrishColor Preferences: whatever works with the pictures/moodPreferred Mood: soft, reflective? Is that a mood? :P I'm pretty open to anything!Link to Place to be Used: +clickLink to Screencap: +clickWhen was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): June 21Additional Information: n/a Thanks so much in advance!
  14. let me know if you want changes otherwise credit doctor ziegler @tda. Also PW has 200x200 avvs now so I cut it at 200x200 but if you still want it at 150x150 I can recut the avv at the size for you if you'd like. .
  15. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like my gallery :) I'll definitely be adding more soon!
  16. Hi Ashley! Thank you so much! ❤️ That one is my favourite too!
  17. [img=https://i.imgur.com/PX0hpSj.png] sm = okay
  18. i love your stock usage and your blending! your text is also nicely placed and always fits the mood of the graphic. :') i can't wait to see what more you add c:
  19. Hi Amy! Your composition and coloring is so nice :) I'm totally obsessed with your Waitress banners; they're so gorgeous and perfectly put together! (And I'm a huge Sara fan, so...) The "what if he opens up a door" one is my favorite. Those leaves look so perfect! <3
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