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Special Challenges

Participate in the Last Graphic Maker Standing challenge or make a friend and improve your graphics by participating in our Big Buddy Little Buddy program! Duel another artist in a Graphic Battle or challenge yourself by embarking on a Graphic Quest!


  1. Graphics Battles

    Adapted from the battles found at old Pandora's and RCR, these challenges allow you to challenge yourself against other artists.

  2. Graphic Quests

    Challenge yourself by embarking on a Graphic Quest - make a graphic a day for two weeks, make only banners for a month...have a friend challenge you! You can also bet Vault points on finishing your Quest (for example - double or nothing - if you finish you get double the amount but if you don't you lose it all).

    Inspired by abhainn and her Quest to make a graphic a day for the entire year of 2018.

  3. Last Graphic Maker Standing

    Challenges based off the LIMS challenges on LiveJournal. Who will fight it out to the end?

  4. Big Buddy Little Buddy

    Big Buddy Little Buddy is a 6-week long sitewide event that is all about making new friends! Participants will be matched up with a buddy -- a Big Buddy or a Little Buddy, depending on your rank and preferences -- who will be your partner for the duration of a BBLB Cycle. Together, you'll participate in brilliant bonding activities, mindblowing mini-challenges, beautiful bite-size challenges, as well as a crowning competition at the very end!

    Please see here to sign up for BBLB or find all information/updates in regards to this event.

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