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  1. No really, probably best not 😛 I'm Jess, I joined TDA in 2009, did a bit of modding, did a bit of admining, then disappeared off the face of the earth for six years! Living that rare cryptid life babeyyy I don't know if I'll ever be as active as I was but #quarantinelife's got be brushing off all the old hobbies and I want to get the dust off my graphics ❤️ Glad to see the community is still going strong!
  2. wow hey remember when i used to exist on here #tbt

    1. Antiquity


      #gonebutneverforgotten :)

    2. daredevil


      no who r u :))))))))))

  3. i love it so much when you reappear i cant handle ;___;

    1. amoretti


      jess! I had to check who you were then with the name change. it's so fun being back! hope you're well! :)

  4. Congrats Eva! And welcome back to our old hands <3
  5. DARK MARK AWARDS VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Click here to vote!
  6. I'm about to go through all the hidden galleries and delete any that haven't been updated since May 31st 2014. Any artist who no longer has a gallery after that cleanout will be demoted back to member status If you are reading this having come back to find yourself demoted, please post a new gallery +here If you've got any questions, please PM myself or another admin.
  7. you'll always be BL/ind to me Jesssss <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. daredevil


      hahahaha credit must've been a pain :')

      I haven't been on TDA in nearly 7 months, I've missed it so much :o how are you??

    3. moony


      I've not really been on much since like, September either xD I'm good! working hard lol. You?

    4. daredevil


      A lot has changed 0__0

      I'm definitely not working hard :P I'm on summer break right now, so everything's chill and my sleeping pattern is extremely messed up. what's new. lmao xD

  8. ahh i love your usernames ps :333

  9. moony

    The Maze

    REMINDER: YOU MAY NOW POST GRAPHICS FROM THE MAZE ELSEWHERE ON BOARD! This includes your gallery, so that they can be considered for promotions, and submissions for YBW
  10. your icon O.O I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

    1. Darcy Lewis

      Darcy Lewis

      and your sig AND YOUR GALLERY! Everything!!!

  11. moony

    The Maze

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE COMPETING Please remember that it states in the Rules of the Maze that you are not allowed to post Maze graphics anywhere else on board! Previously, this was going to be the rule until the Maze closes on August 31st - HOWEVER, so that the graphics can be submitted for consideration for promotions and YBW, you will be allowed to post the graphics on board from August 26th! This will not affect the Maze- you still have until August 31st to complete the Maze If you have any questions, please PM a Maze Moderator! If we continue to see entries being p
  12. moony

    The Maze

    Entry to the Maze is now closed! Participants already inside have until August 31st to complete the Maze.
  13. moony

    The Maze

    Reminder: the Entrance to the Maze will close tomorrow (7th August) at MIDNIGHT GMT. After that, no more competitors will be allowed to enter the Maze! The rest of the Maze will remain open until August 31st for competitors to complete
  14. First off: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD so thanks <333 Yeah hi people I deffo haven't seen any of you before, being so new and all xD I am so glad you share my love of Good Omens, Enya :O literal match made in heaven, and I want the TV series to actually happen so bad slap my hand right now, fellow procrastinators! Seriously though Aisha, you should totally watch Teen Wolf, you just have to suspend any critical thinking and enjoy the ride though because while I love it, the show has... flaws haha Least scary admin, yesss! #winning Aww Kay! omg Jared/Carly though, they were... well
  15. Hello! My name is Jess, and when I started on TDA, more than five years ago (whaaaat) I formatted all of my posts like this because I thought they were more aesthetically pleasing I joined TDA in February 2009, and spent the entire run up to my GCSE exams that year on it, trying desperately to learn how to make graphics instead of revising for my exams. #responsible16yrold After frantically applying for moderator positions for my first three years on TDA, I was completely and utterly thrilled when I got offered a staff moderator position exactly three years to the day after I joine
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