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  1. You picked two of my favorite books in the Recast It challenge! ♥ Your entries are beautiful!

    1. Contour


      eep thank you so much!!!! those were two of my favourite books from 2015 as well <3

  2. wow eggie be slaying as usual lol congrats everybody!!!
  3. hi karine i was wondering what font you used here or if it's handwritten? http://i62.tinypic.com/2vdik8x.gif

    1. golden.


      Hey! How are you? That's from a handwritten texture pack, off the top of my head I think it's a slayground one. Can't check at the moment as I'm on my phone but I'll double check this weekend when I'm at my computer :)

    2. Contour


      i'm good but i miss tda haha. belated congrats on becoming admin! ✧

      ah thank you so much i'll try searching for it as well c:

  4. your style omg bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how have you got this whole subtle but colour popping thing going on simultaneously i literally cannot wrap my head around it. i've just been scrolling up and down for the last ten minutes and now i'm tempted to request something from you because I NEED YOUR PRETTIES D;
  5. i love you guys so much honestly i am so grateful and at a loss for words right now <3
  6. hello!!!!!!!!

    1. Contour


      hi mini!!!! omg it's been forever and your graphics are still amazing as always x____x

  7. Contour

    m i l k ;

    kill me now omg your styleeeeeee it's like skittles + kpop and honestly what is better than that? your use of textures and text is so cool and goshdarn i wish i could pull of colours the way you do
  8. hi aisha i was wondering if you could tell me who the model is in this chapter image? http://i59.tinypic.com/309hq13.png much thankssss <3

    1. Milady


      That's Imaan Hammam, glad I could help ;)

  9. i've been in here like a billion times but have never been able to find the words to tell you how much i adore your style. this is the ultimate. it's so clean and cool and just p e r f e c t i am knocked into a stunned silence every time i scroll through your gallery tbh ;A; you're a legend.
  10. your banners and large sized graphics are so brilliant! i adore the warm colouring you have going on :wub: your text usage and placement is also A+ and your icon talent is making me very very green. keep up the amaaaazing work i can't wait to come back here to drool some more
  11. omg mali is back and as good as ever!!!! i love the banners you did for that challenge soo much they flow so well. i have always been in awe of your ways and now i'm 10x more in love it's so good to see you back <3
  12. Congratulations!!! ♥ Enjoy your new positions ^_^
  13. ummm??? kay???? what the i mean i always have really high expectations of your gallery BUT THIS IS KIND OF NOT OKAY ANYMORE??? i literally cannot comprehend the level of skill you're putting up here, everything looks so effortlessly composed and flows seamlessly and the COLOURS and also you have mastered negative space it just makes me want to shower you with good things forever and ever xxxx
  14. congrats on becoming admin ayeshaaaaaa :~)

    1. afterglow


      thaaanks babe <3 <3

  15. hi tilly ^__^ may I know who the guy is in this set you made? http://i.imgur.com/81K2iWH.png tysm <3

    1. Contour


      okay it says Jon Kortajarena right there wow i am dense.

    2. afterglow


      meghna i laughed

    3. Mintleaf


      HAHAH you two! This is hilarious!! You were probably just in shock because of his 11/10 beautiful face or something xD

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