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  1. confetti.

    believe me, i'm lying

    hi, niika!! your gallery is so?? pretty?? that poseidon banner gives me life! welcome back x
  2. confetti.

    January Digest 2019

    i love the look of this issue, its so nice! great work x
  3. confetti.

    January Promotions!

    congrats, u guys!!
  4. confetti.

    December's Member's Choice Promotions!

    congrats! well deserved
  5. confetti.

    December Digest 2018

    lovely issue, loved reading through it
  6. confetti.

    ladder to the stars

    klutzy_kara thank you so much, kara!! i'll try to add some more, soon! x
  7. confetti.

    New Administrator!

  8. my laptop is falling apart :sad: and i can't buy a new one bc i just got my first apartment(!!!!) and all my money has to go to rent and im sad but excited at the same time!! yikes what a week

  9. confetti.

    November Digest 2018

    wow this issue is dope! well done everyone x
  10. confetti.

    ladder to the stars

    starbuck. ahhh thank you, happy to be back! so glad you liked the vertical banner, it was the first one i ever made and i find them supertricky, so yay!! lady.luck thank you lots and lots!
  11. confetti.

    November's Featured Artist!

    congratulations! :dance:
  12. confetti.

    ladder to the stars

    hiya cathy's the name. i've been gone for a long time but i figured i'd drop by and update the old gallery again. (does anyone remember me? hi) i c o n s b a n n e r s s i g s ' credits x x x x
  13. confetti.

    November Promotions!

  14. confetti.

    when love hurts, it won't work ----

    Everything in here is just gorgeous, oh gosh :3 Your colouring is seriously to die for!
  15. confetti.

    October's Featured Artist

    Aw, congrats Nala! ^__^
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