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  1. creativity has left the chat

    1. Photoshopfreak


      That happened MONTHS ago.

    2. confetti.


      yeah it really did! 

    3. archer.


      big mood right here

  2. hi, niika! thank you lots! i think icons might be my faves at the moment, but that could change by tomorrow haha!
  3. i love the look of this issue, its so nice! great work x
  4. lovely issue, loved reading through it
  5. klutzy_kara thank you so much, kara!! i'll try to add some more, soon! x
  6. my laptop is falling apart :sad: and i can't buy a new one bc i just got my first apartment(!!!!) and all my money has to go to rent and im sad but excited at the same time!! yikes what a week

  7. wow this issue is dope! well done everyone x
  8. starbuck. ahhh thank you, happy to be back! so glad you liked the vertical banner, it was the first one i ever made and i find them supertricky, so yay!! lady.luck thank you lots and lots!
  9. nano is sucking the life out of me

  10. hiya cathy's the name. i've been gone for a long time but i figured i'd drop by and update the old gallery again. (does anyone remember me? hi) i c o n s b a n n e r s s i g s ' credits x x x x
  11. can't believe i revamped my gallery after 5 years?

  12. Everything in here is just gorgeous, oh gosh :3 Your colouring is seriously to die for!
  13. Wow, this is late but lol. I'm here lurking from time to time :') <3

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