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  1. Same here, really. I just made a sig and then my ps crashed, so I couldn't save the psd file :( I was able to save it in png, though, so that's something I guess :P

  2. Nothing much really, you?

  3. aw. thanks :3 so, anyway, what's up? ^_^

  4. Lol, yeah XD also, I'm in luv with your sig and icon, just so you know ^^

  5. Haha, yeah! What I meant to say was that I love your username XD but I guess that much was obvious? 8D

  6. Haha, great minds indeed XD cas is well... More awesome than words can describe (obviously) So rant very much understood :D

  7. omg, dude 8D I was SO close to changing my name to 'castiel.' but I changed my mind last minute. Great minds think alike, huh? 8D /end random.

  8. New Name: castiel. Last Name Change: Dec 31st, 2009 -- espoirPERDU (was metamorphmagirl before that)
  9. thank you! and I did :)

  10. thank you awesome promo buddy!

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