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  1. Happy birthday Mali! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  2. heyy, is your member title a ref to brand new?? because they're my favorite band of all time

    1. lazy bones

      lazy bones

      Yes it is an they are my fav band of all time!

    2. floralprint


      :D what's your fav album? i always go back and forth between 'the devil and god' and 'daisy,' i can never decide!
  3. Oh my gosh! Everything here is so pretty! I love how everything has so much depth in it, especially your blends! You are like my idol for blends! Because I never add enough depth to my it feels like. And what you do with text is so wonderful as well too! Also your gallery title is hamilton so I love it even more! Just letting you know I am a fan of you Alison! Oh I'm Ashley by the way.
  4. It is so true that the manip is absolutely amazing for sure! I can't believe you featured my topic in the off-topic spotlight! Haha it is great we have lots of open-minded people that want to discuss so many diverse topics! And that member's column by lucidia about "graphics are perfect just like you" is such a great reminder because I feel like too often as artists we get caught up in our own headspace and not need to worry and just remember that 10,000 hours is what makes you a master and practicing is how you get great at things!
  5. Is anyone getting the nintendo switch?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Photoshopfreak


      Idk. It looks cool. Maybe if my kids were older and used hand held consoles, but they don't. :/

    3. saturn.
    4. lazy bones

      lazy bones

      I am excited to get it but I am waiting for awhile because I have to play through some of my wii games.

  6. Yay Happy Birthday hope you have a great day!
  7. Best of luck Julia hope you find success in your new ventures!
  8. omg what?! hey glad I can be active....and just wait until next month when I am even more active.
  9. Hey there I'm Ashley! I think that TDA is like the Harry Potter mecca so it is such a great place to be with all the cool like-minded people. What is your favorite hp fanfics to read? I am really into original characters, marauders era with all their high-jinks, comedies, and things along those lines.
  10. Hey Bex just wanted to come and stalk your gallery! I saved several things to my inspo folder because I just want to drool over them later. Okay loving all the judy garland graphics, they are so pretty and just love the simplisticity of them very much. Your banner and sigs give me so much to live for! The Doctor and Donna I am loving the text effects and all the text in it. And the 24k magic reppin' mr. mars so bonus points for that. Also that "yesterday once more" banner the blending is really lovely in it. I also can't stop staring at the "me and my shadow" ci because the coloring is ace and the blending on your "girl with one eye" blend is the coolest. I am a sucker for "3d" effects on graphics though. Will be back to see more!
  11. Landon it appears that I have caught you during a revamp but I just wanted to let you know that I am back from the dead and I am so happy you are on staff now because you deserve it. The once piece you do have in your gallery I really love especially the nature textures which I have been attempting in a couple of graphics and fail and move onto to something else. I will keep an eye on this place.
  12. Here you go. Didn't want to add any text or too much detail because I know how tiny they make those icons on Twitter when you are replying to someone and I just wanted to make sure it was easy to read when it was super tiny. Hopefully these will work, if you need any changes let me know.
  13. Go Rachel it is always so great to see you around in the forums! Enjoy your gold.
  14. So excited to see all the new staff and the promotions! The word search was super fun as well. Great DA Digest as always!
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