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  1. starbuck.

    New Admin!

    congrats!!!! i'm sure you'll be an amazing and wonderful admin as you were a mod
  2. i've already let the rest of the mods and admins know, but i also thought everyone else deserved some notice and an explanation :) i'm sure everyone has noticed, i haven't really been around all that much lately. i've been more into writing than making graphics and my workload has increased by double recently because my colleague went on maternity leave. i haven't really been properly active on TDA for quite some time and i find admin-ing has been pretty mentally exhausting these last couple of months. i feel like i'm not doing the site justice with being absent-ish most of the time. hopefully, i'll still be around as an artist - i'll try my best. i loved being a staff mod and then an admin on TDA and i love the site. i hope the mod&admin team will go ahead with the changes we've been talking about lately and that it will make the site more user-friendly, attractive and livelier ^_^
  3. i'm on this but it'll take me a bit of time to do the banner - shreya knows this so it's okay with her :)
  4. Your new profile picture is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen 

    1. starbuck.


      haha thanks :D i'm on holiday so it's very fitting ^_^

    2. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      oh my gosh--i LOVE it. :D 

  5. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
  6. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
  7. i asked shreya about the size and she said it's actually 700x150 px. anyhow, here's my try ^_^
  8. ayy welcome to TDA shreya *_* i'm so happy you decided to try out making graphics i'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time, especially since you're already familiar with the adobe suite ^_^ and we've got a bunch of tutorials to get you started so..... :D
  9. errr, how does this look like? i tried to keep it comic book-y looking....but it's also out of my comfort zone so i totally understand if you'd rather re-request did you also want an icon cut out of it?
  10. We're sad to announce that @saturn. and @miss atomic bomb are stepping down as admins - they've been wonderful additions to the mod and admin team! Thank you for all that you've done for TDA! @abhorsen. is joining the administrator team, so please feel free to congratulate her on her new position!
  11. please vote in may's MC!


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