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  1. err, this isn't exactly very spring-y?? [img=https://i.postimg.cc/k4KQ3Jk6/tda-spring-header.png]
  2. Thank you muchly for the crit!! ❤️ ❤️

  3. @abhorsen. hey branwen - did you start working on the spring theme already? i'm just asking if there's a colour scheme we should try to follow? :)
  4. thanks so much for the crit, kris! ❤️ 

    1. starbuck.


      no probs :) sorry the whole thing got a bit delayed

  5. Thanks so much for the critique, and the compliment on my sig. <3

    1. starbuck.


      no probs ^_^ that sig is gorgeous!

  6. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
  7. don forget to nominate a featured artist!

  8. i'm sorry i haven't done the admin mini crits yet - RL has been increasingly stressful and time consuming so i'll most likely do them this weekend!

    1. Amortentia1992


      It's Okay, I get how RL can be. Sending positive thoughts your way so that maybe it gets a bit less stressful for you.

    2. XxTheAvengerXxX


      It's okay! Take your time! ❤️ 

  9. hello and congrats on making a gallery on TDA *_* before i can move it to member artist section, you'll just have to add the date of your last update either in your topic description or your topic title (this is because we look at those dates when considering artists for promotions)
  10. award by starbuck. Whether it's posting challenges or just offering encouragement and conversation, Shona is there! She's an amazing person and an artist who has improved so much recently. She's always working hard on her graphics and you can find her everywhere on the forums. Enjoy your month in gold!
  11. hey alice welcome to TDA!! even though you're just getting back into graphics, they look pretty cool already - i especially like the signature and your second blend *_*
  12. hey mel, welcome to TDA! sorry about the rules link not working - we're still dealing with some leftover links from our old domain, but here++ is a working link before i can move your gallery to the member artist section, you'll just need to add a last update date - either in your topic title or your topic description
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