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  1. congrats!!!! i'm sure you'll be an amazing and wonderful admin as you were a mod
  2. i've already let the rest of the mods and admins know, but i also thought everyone else deserved some notice and an explanation :) i'm sure everyone has noticed, i haven't really been around all that much lately. i've been more into writing than making graphics and my workload has increased by double recently because my colleague went on maternity leave. i haven't really been properly active on TDA for quite some time and i find admin-ing has been pretty mentally exhausting these last couple of months. i feel like i'm not doing the site justice with being absent-ish most of the tim
  3. Your new profile picture is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen 

    1. starbuck.


      haha thanks :D i'm on holiday so it's very fitting ^_^

    2. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      oh my gosh--i LOVE it. :D 

  4. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
  5. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
  6. ayy welcome to TDA shreya *_* i'm so happy you decided to try out making graphics i'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time, especially since you're already familiar with the adobe suite ^_^ and we've got a bunch of tutorials to get you started so..... :D
  7. We're sad to announce that @saturn. and @miss atomic bomb are stepping down as admins - they've been wonderful additions to the mod and admin team! Thank you for all that you've done for TDA! @abhorsen. is joining the administrator team, so please feel free to congratulate her on her new position!
  8. please vote in may's MC!


  9. Please vote for May's Featured Artist! Reasons are listed below: .amaris JadedWraith
  10. please don't forget to nominate someone for featured artist this month! https://the-dark-arts.org/for...featured-artist-nominations/

  11. Thank you muchly for the crit!! ❤️ ❤️

  12. thanks so much for the crit, kris! ❤️ 

    1. starbuck.


      no probs :) sorry the whole thing got a bit delayed

  13. Thanks so much for the critique, and the compliment on my sig. <3

    1. starbuck.


      no probs ^_^ that sig is gorgeous!

  14. don forget to nominate a featured artist!

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