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  1. rock&roll! - you're quite right! Something's in the air for sure. Cause I'm returning after 10 years myself! Welcome back The Doctors Companion! :dance: Joooordaaan! Hiiiiii hahahaha how are you? I was just going through my Inbox here at TDA and quite honestly, you, Liam, Elizabeth Hinders, Arushi and Hannah Sullivan are the only ones I remember from here! I was 16 when I first discovered TDA, it was such a huge learning curve for me here with all the tutorials. And now my 26-year-old-designer-self is glad I found this forum and all you beautiful people so early on! So good
  2. Rica

    Nisha omgomgomg! yes I came back to TDA a few months ago, in August! and I was grad June 2010 so I actually haven't been promoted hahahaha <3 how are you dear? I hope you'll have time soon to come back to TDA!

  3. Merry Christmas & happy birthday! :D

  4. OMG! You were here?? And you didnt even ping me? D:

  5. Thank you soooooooo much for the pressie darling! :D

    And I love you! And I'm freakin' 19! Aaaaaaaaargh!! XD


    here you go! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY! <3


  7. Thanx, i love my name! Everyone calls me Livvy though!

  8. Where my pressie!? Where my pressie!?! XD

    -jumps frantically-

  9. Thank you darling! :D Tell you sister I'm really mad at her for not even wishing me! :(

  10. Olivia! :D That's a lovely name. :) Thank you so much for you wishes, love. And I wish your brother a very happy birthday too! Belated though! XD

  11. Sorry, don't know why that came up twice

  12. Happy Birthday! :) It's my brothers birthday 2day 2!

  13. Happy Birthday! :) It's my brothers birthday 2day 2!

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