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  1. you're legit the prettiest prit

  2. It's really hard not to hate you with jealousy. Do you even realize how amazing you are? I don't think I even do. It's on a level I cannot comprehend. I'm pretty sure I got the first post in your gallery before a bunch of posts and topics got deleted, but oh well. I'm back to comment again because I can't help myself. Thank you for bringing a new level of eye-opening creativity to TDA.
  3. Thank youuu :) congrats on staff mod btw!

  4. I have no idea, I found it randomly on a forum lmao

  5. that was my reaction as well :P

  6. yayyy you're back! i don't know how you do it. your style is truly one of a kind, something about the way you mix textures with stock, everything looks handmade somehow. and your colouring is as beautiful as ever, your new banners are just stunning. please update soooon
  7. hahaha :P it's an inside joke between me and Dawne, this "song" I recorded like 3 years ago which is completely unintelligible, lol. you'd have to hear it :P

  8. New Name: ballad.wav Last Name Change: in January I believe, from MrsLovett to Elements thankss
  9. Artist Username: fantôme Gallery Link: http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=71812 Why are you nominating this artist? Hafsa's graphics are unique and amazing and she's a really friendly person, I think she definitely deserves this
  10. question - is it alright if we post to respond to comments? okay thanks beth, just making sure ^_^
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