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  1. let's see if this year is my year.... i made an icon at least? :)

    1. starbuck.


      an icon is a start! :)

  2. i have now made 3 graphics i don't hate this year. which is 3 more than the last two years combined, but geez is graphic-making hard after an inadvertent 2-3 year break.

    1. loveALWAYS


      I’m getting back to it after 6 years and the more I make the more I like haha. I’m just forcing myself to keep trying!

  3. remember last year when i said i'd get back into graphics? maybe this is my year instead???

    1. oz.


      this is the true 2018 mood

    2. blackisback


      well i made an icon that i'm not automatically horrified by so i think i'm off to a good start

  4. Remember last month when I thought I'd have time to get back into graphic making? DX

    1. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      I know how you feel...

    2. TreacleTart


      The story of my life

    3. prongsbeak


      january was very poor in graphic-making... think I might ask for my gallery to be moved to GPP for the time being...

  5. well i inadvertently disappeared all year. my gallery's gone and everything. guess i need to figure out a comeback?

    1. ailhsa


      Looking forward to your new gallery :) Welcome back.

    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      so what're you saying is blackisback... is back :P

  6. well i inadvertently disappeared all year. my gallery's gone and everything. guess i need to figure out a comeback?

  7. Obscure Marvel stories are my life. Also musicals. ^_^ I've had A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder playing on repeat on Spotify lately. (It's made for some interesting recommendations.) What do you think of Civil War coming up? Personally I think it'd be better titled "Captain America: The Search for Bucky", not that I'm complaining. It'll be interesting to see how they adapt the whole storyline to the differences in MCU.
  8. Hey, everyone! I'm Lena, and I'm far from new here, but up till now I've been more of a lurker who managed to remember to update their gallery once a month. Except for the last year, when I went AWOL. But now I'm back (hopefully for good), and I've decided there's no time like the present to try not being a lurker. So here is my hello topic. ^_^ As I said, I'm Lena. I'm 22 and at university finishing up a degree in computer science. As you can probably guess from my major, I am a huge nerd who reads far more than is probably strictly healthy, knows the backstories of almost every Marvel superhero by heart, knows far too much trivia about early US history (who wants to guess which president is thought to have been in a committed relationship with his VP?), will fight you over the finer parts of Star Wars at a moment's notice, and listens to a range of music so large it borders on absurd. I am also a huge, annoying, smugly superior hipster about Broadway musicals, because I liked them before they were cool and no one listened to me when I said Hamilton was amazing. (I'm not bitter. Who's bitter?) I also have five or so stories up on HPFF that haven't been updated in forever but that I keep thinking I should to back to. The few people who ever read my stories probably hate me. (Sorry.) If you would like to help me get over my chronic case of lurking, squee with me about comics, superheroes, Marvel, Star Wars, or any number of other sci-fi/fantasy series, berate me for apparently abandoning my HPFF account, or otherwise talk, please don't hesitate to reply to this topic, PM me, or, I dunno, send smoke signals my way. I'm not picky.
  9. My cheek is so swollen I can see it under my eye looking forward.... -_-

    1. obscurus


      oh no! What happened?!

    2. atë!


      D: feel better soon!

    3. azimuth


      *gives hugs and cookies*

  10. Quick question: in my gallery, I've got a few fanmix covers that, shockingly enough, actually go along with actual mixes I have posted on 8tracks. Would linking to those playlists (and by extension my 8tracks account, which honestly has practically no personal information on it) be okay? Or does that fall under the same purview as Facebook and the like? (I'm just really proud of those mixes) Thanks
  11. I've been trying digital painting for a bit now, finally managed something decent-looking... (Thor's nose was insanely hard, weirdly enough.)
  12. Grabbed your first Doctor Who wallpaper!
  13. Debating uploading my TDA stuff on deviantART... Dunno if I want to...

  14. I've been lurking in the Requesting Arena for ages, but every time I go to fill something I think, "Nope, they'll hate it, better not," and keep lurking. I think I have a problem.

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