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  1. Hello there :) A couple of years ago, you made me nine chapter images for one of my stories. Recently I've decided to re-write the entire story and I was wondering whether I had your permission to request some new chapter images? Thank you :) x Ely

  2. You're welcome! And thanks, I'm glad to be back; I missed you guys :)

  3. Karaaaaa<3 I'm glad to be back; I missed everybody! :D

  4. ahh ashley welcome back! it's so nice to you again :3 i'll be leaving you gallery crit later so i'm not gonna post in your gallery now but eep. glad you're back xxx

  5. thanks so much for the gallery comment! it's great to see you around again <3

  6. I know you're not on much anymore but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH! LOVE YOU! <3

  7. happy birthday ashley (:

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