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  1. All the hard work has paid off. Look at you being a new grad artist! Highly deserved! Congrats!

    1. rewritethefinallines


      Awww thank you ❤️ I’m super excited about it :)

  2. Long time fan dropping by to say congrats on your promotion! It's so well deserved ❤️
  3. Thanks so much for the help ❤️ I have these three versions right now, but I'm not sure which is best/if I should still change some things?
  4. Hey guys, I just made this banner, but I feel weird about the coloring and text. I'd love your feedback!
  5. Hi Mafee! Thank you so much for the compliments :) I love icons, so I'm glad you like them <3
  6. Here you go! I tried to make it more grey, but it looked kind of weird, so feel free to re open if this isn't what you want! ❤️
  7. Omg I loved the throwback to the old days! Congrats to everyone featured ❤️
  8. Thank you!! The awards are gorgeous ❤️
  9. Current Name: !lifeisasong Desired Name: rewritethefinallines Previous Name Changes: hpdreamer500 , !lifeisasong
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