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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that you're gallery is stunning! You are very talented :)

    1. Atari


      OhmyGosh Thank you so much! That means so much!!

    2. estelleblack
  2. Hey! I'm sorry I was MIA for the longest while. I'm back and taking requests again, so if you need any I'm here ;)

  3. Hey, just wondering if you're still taking requests?

  4. Glad you like it (:

  5. haha you're sweet :P No probs ;) Feel free to drop by and request something again in time - it's always fun to do those (:

  6. AAHHHH thanks so much for the beautifulamazingspeldid background i already have it as my desktop GAH I love it :D

  7. aww thank you that comment was really sweet <3

  8. WOW your photos are stunning, I'm in love with my camera too... you have real talent sweetie :D

  9. pleased to please (:

  10. Haha, yeah... he is the cuter one

    :D Lydia I didn't like her at the start but i really like her now lol :D

  11. oh and lydia is truly the coolest of all :D

  12. yeah you're probably right about that one :D He's definitely the cuter one *___*

  13. It's defiantly a tie between Stiles and Derek, but i think Stiles is winning i mean he is just too cute :D, and SOOOOO in love with Lydia, and i like her as well. Allison annoys me... just a little bit lol

  14. oh that's a tough one.. :P

    I think Stiles is pretty cool :D He's so lucky with the girls.. not^^ and then there's Derek. I only have to say one word: hot. <3 but a true favourite.. idk, I don't think so :D you?

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