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  1. congrats to everyone!! winners and finalists both are so well deserved!
  2. Maryyy. ♥ You're too kind! How are you?!

    1. Marzipan


      I'm good! How are you? I can't believe how good your graphics look!

  3. Omg check please!! So awesome to see someone else that loves those boys, that sig is swawesome!! <33

    1. milominderbinder


      yessss check please love!! i'm so obsessed omg. can i just make all the zimbits graphics? O:)

  4. claim: find out your partner's favorites amount of points: 5 evidence: here
  5. name: Mary big buddy, little buddy, or flexible?: big! graphics program and version: gimp 2.8 timezone: GMT -4 if big buddy: willing to take more than 1 little?: no sorry
  6. Yeah , sorry! Should have this finished by the end of the weekend!
  7. Marathoning Grace & Frankie and working on the blend that's been fighting to get out of my head for days

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      I watched it all

      In one day

      I regret the decision

    3. awkward.


      I finished it and now we'll have to wait another year :'(

    4. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      I know ;_;

      We need to make grace and frankie graphics tbh

  8. and here you go!! sorry, i'm horrible at animation bUT I did draw in some steam for you! hope you like this, if so remember to rehost & credit ^_^
  9. Congratulations to the winners and all those nominated! I'm so happy to have been a finalist Thank you Kristina for the lovely award!!
  10. annnnd here you go! hope this fits what you had in mind! feel free to ask for any changes
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