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  1. This is gorgeous!! Also I think my cat part lion lol
  2. Link to place to be used: TDA Link to screencap: (if not publicly viewable) screencap Text to include on graphic: "Kids are the worst!" OR "slay 'em dead" Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images) I would love if you could use Joe Keery from Stranger Things are Steve. When he is in his Scoops Ahoy outfit the blue and red sailor suit. If not anything Steve Harrington Dimensions: 500x200 and 100x100 Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.) I would like the set to be happy and kind of silly. Especially if he is his scoops ahoy outfit!

  4. These are beyond gorgeous! Well done everyone!
  5. Thank you for the spotlight! This is a gorgeous edition! I love the layout!
  6. tell me if this is what you were looking for if not feel free to reopen!
  7. Okay wow! look at this gorgeous edition! literally the layout?? the header?? and omg the featured content! I had no idea about the meteor shower so now I have to set a reminder on my calendar about it
  8. Welcome, Trish! You are coming into a fantastic community. Seriously, everyone here is amazingly sweet and they are all so talented. If you want tutorials the tutorial section is great, it's good for things like composition and a lot of other things. I hope that you post a gallery soon!
  9. Hello!! Welcome to TDA! This is definitely a great place to get started getting some help with text work! Everything I know about text I learned in the tutorial section that is no joke! I have a cat too! He's such a big baby so I know the feeling you're talking about. I hope to see your gallery soon!
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