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  1. This is gorgeous!! Also I think my cat part lion lol

  3. These are beyond gorgeous! Well done everyone!
  4. Thank you for the spotlight! This is a gorgeous edition! I love the layout!
  5. Okay wow! look at this gorgeous edition! literally the layout?? the header?? and omg the featured content! I had no idea about the meteor shower so now I have to set a reminder on my calendar about it
  6. Welcome, Trish! You are coming into a fantastic community. Seriously, everyone here is amazingly sweet and they are all so talented. If you want tutorials the tutorial section is great, it's good for things like composition and a lot of other things. I hope that you post a gallery soon!
  7. Hello!! Welcome to TDA! This is definitely a great place to get started getting some help with text work! Everything I know about text I learned in the tutorial section that is no joke! I have a cat too! He's such a big baby so I know the feeling you're talking about. I hope to see your gallery soon!
  8. Hi im up to neck in work and i cant even get online im dying

    1. finxter365


      No, no; no dying today, sir! Push through, the weekend will be here before we know it ❤️ 

  9. Hello! Welcome back! You'll find that the community here is still as friendly as ever!
  10. thank you for the squee! you are too sweet. i love your header!

    1. azimuth


      Youre welcome :') And thank you <33

      Happy 2019!

  11. Slow burn of enemies to friends to lovers Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove. Yes. that's the whole tweet

  12. BjYYj1.png

    Happy holidays! I hope they're amazing! 

  13. BjYYj1.png

    Happy holidays! I hope they're amazing! 

    1. starbuck.


      Aww thank you rodrigo!! :loves: happy holidays!

  14. Happy holidays! I hope they're amazing! Thank you so much for the amazing set!
  15. Happy holidays! I hope they're amazing!
  16. Happy holidays! I hope they're amazing!
  17. Happy holidays! I hope they're amazing!
  18. Is it too early to be considering name changes?

    1. cheriechapstick


      I started considering mine literally like a month ago. Lol

  19. Jess, THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! I can't even imagine!! WOWOWOW Like it's so smooth! it's so pretty and everything is so easy to find/read!! I LOVE IT!!! Great job to everyone who worked on this!!
  20. I love love love the new stuff! so exciting to be back!
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