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  1. yay congrats Shona!!! very well deserved! ^_^
  2. congrats on the promo everyone! very well deserved promos! ^_^
  3. hey Alice welcome back! you probably don't remember me with this name but my previous one was prongs and before that it was prometheus... I'm Sofia btw and it's great to see you're back! be sure to check out the tutorials and the challenges and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you need any help!
  4. I know I already posted in the promo thread, but congrats on the promo hun!!! :D it's soo well deserved for you!!!:glomp:

    1. Kirjava


      omgosh thank you so so much! ❤️ ❤️ Seriously I could not have done it without all the help you guys have given me, at all. Positive and constructive feedback from everyone here has been so invaluable thank youuu T_T ❤️

  5. NIIKA YOU'RE BACK!!! it's great to see your amazing graphics again! the softness in your graphics's colouring is just... WOW!!!! keep making more pretties for us to stalk admire, will you? ^_^
  6. parabéns Becca! que tenhas um dia com muita saúde! ^_^ bjos!
  7. ^ :drop: that's absolutely gorgeous!!! that's magic!!!
  8. belated happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! ^_^
  9. congrats Sammi! enjoy your month in gold! ^_^
  10. HPFF WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK ON 29th June! if you click on the link posted by Kristina a few posts above, you'll see that!
  11. StarTrekFan1980: HPFF was harrypotterfanfiction, a site that had stories written by lots of people, featuring eras like the marauders, Hogwarts (with the golden trio and others, next-gen)... that site shut down but it might be back soon...
  12. hey Titli I'm Sofia! I'm amazed by everything in this gallery, especially the icons!!!! :drop: how do you make them?! also, congrats on your promo! definitely can't wait to stalk see more graphics from you! ^_^
  13. Hey Mary I'm Sofia! I think I've seen your name before on this site a few years ago and back then I was just wowed like I am now by your style! my last usernames were prongs and before that it was prometheus, blackhorse and firstly it was HarryandGinnyPotter... last but not least, congrats on your promo Mary! ;yahoo: your graphics are amazing and your animation skills are crazy!!!! :drop: :drop: :drop: :worship:
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