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  1. Hi, Dala! I just read your comment in my gallery! I've been out for too long I think lol... Glad to have a fellow Indonesian here!

  2. :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: That's amazing!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!! One small request: can you probably change mijin park to park? I'll look and decide which one fits better
  3. Can the moderator please change the request specifically for milominderbinder? I have pm her Sorry, yesterday I opened it with my phone and didn't see that I can edit the tittle as well.
  4. Size : 500 x 500 Images: Any images of Park Shin Hye. (I prefer younger face of her but okay with anything if you can't find!) Text: Character Library of Laura Mijin Park Color Preferences: light blue-ish Preferred Mood: happy and/or bright Link to Place to be Used: Here! Link to Screencap: Here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? A few weeks ago for the sets. But this character library blend will stay for at least 7 months! Additional Information: Laura is first year Ravenclaw. Normally bright but ask too many questions. Thank you!!!
  5. It's great , thank you! And how about the icon?
  6. Thanksss! By non-negative mood I mean please don't make it gloomy *I hope that is clear enough*
  7. Size:500 x 200 signature with a matching 150 x 150 and 100 x 100 icon Images: Any image of Park Shin Hye (will edit if I find something specific that I like, but for now it's up to you!) Text: Laura Park Color Preferences: none Preferred Mood: Non-negative mood Link to Place to be Used: my profile Link to Screencap: here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on [i]any[/i] site):[/b] This character never, but the last one for Pottersworld was years ago Additional Information:] I'm not a picky one and do not have a lot of specific request
  8. Thank you, it's lovely Will rehost and credit of course
  9. Yeaayy :dance: :dance: :dance: yeaaaayyy :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  10. Oh I just realized it, sorry ._.v I don't know there's always problem when I try to link something, so I just paste the address, hope that's not a problem
  11. Gathering some muse!

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