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  1. I fail at lifeeee, sorry. I meant to answer and then I didn't and then I forgot etc. So. How are you? I'm guessing it's still summer there, whichfore I'm completely jealous because we've had like four months of wet and snow and cold. At first it was pretty, now it's just annoying XD what TV shows are you watchinggg? I started Chuck and I'm soo excited about Hart of Dixie and Eye Candy. Because Alabama small towns and NY murder mysteries are somehow in the same cate...

    1. wishaway.



      PS Have I said your icoon is awesome? Bc it is.

  2. Eeek, I fell off the face of the Earth again. Sorrysorry D: This keeps happening; I need a self-discipline coach. But. How are you this fine February? I've become obsessed with renovation Tv series and Chuck, which is awful bc I really don't need anything new to ship. DX

    1. kate.


      Don't even sweat it - falling off the face of the earth used to be a hobby of mine ;) FEBRUARY IS SO BUSY. I've basically only stalked TDA in silence because I've been so busy with life (eep and helping build a forum D: /consumesmylife). Gahhhh, I used to love Chuck and randomly stopped watching. But I don't know why. How is your february! Jeez, how was your January too!?

  3. (your one eye is fabulous)

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    2. daredevil


      (ur too nice omgah <3 I feel like I haven't spoken to you in agessss. hai. how've u been <3)

    3. wishaway.


      I knoooow, it's been so lonnng. I've been well, lately ^_^ School and work etc are keeping me busy. What about youuuu?

    4. daredevil


      I'm actually the exact opposite. I quit my part time job a few weeks ago and I'm on summer holidays so no school. I'm sufficiently bored :'))) aka I've been marathoning tv shows and keeping an extremely messed up sleeping schedule. oops. >D

  4. Not that I'm a stalker or anything but "my five-year-plan is to learn how to draw and paint things other than just one eye. like two eyes." is probably the best five-year-plan I've ever heard in my life.

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    2. kate.


      Smart. My new year's resolution is to try new food and eat more tacos so I'm with you on setting achievable goals. We might have but I was away a little bit and my memory kind of sucks with these things :) and I'm good, I'm attempting to build my gallery but everything I make frustrates me to the end of the world. How are Yyou?

    3. wishaway.


      Ohh, good goals (Y) I've never had a taco. Aaah, mine too, especially with these name changes of this year. And last year. Maybe the year before that, even.

      I'm good, also trying to get more stuff into my gallery and actually make graphics and not just fall off the face of the Earth for 5 months like I tend to XD I really like the graphics you have in your gallery, that CI is stunning :wub: And those textures you uploaded are aweosme as well :D

    4. kate.


      Yup, the name changes are killing me. Especially since I was on hiatus and now everyone seems like a stranger. My gallery is so small, it's so embarrassing but I'm glad you like it. I have way more fun making textures and such, which doesn't say much for any sort of artist skills. Your gallery is packed with awesome graphics, your coloring and comp and all those textures!!

  5. my kitten is afraid of bananas.

  6. my hair is pinkk! and awesome, obviously. :D

  7. Antiquity Hi Beaaa! I'm here. Sort of. Thanks so much, I'm so glad you think that! I've been trying out a few new things with my filtering, it's good to know my graphics don't look too bad. DX
  8. loveatfirstview Awww, thanks! Lol, I don't think I do text all that well--in fact I think it's evil tooo--but I'm glad to hear you think it's creative. I must be doing somehting right, then. Wee, me too. Even though it's not quite up to par with my newer things, I just can't get rid of it, because dinosaurs are Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it a lot!
  9. you beautiful girl, thank you so much for the squee <3

    1. wishaway.


      No problem, those icons are gorgeous. <3 And that episode was just pheeew.

    2. &themoon


      thank you again!!!! that episode was amazing and just so intense, wow. this is probably just all around the most intense show ever.

    3. wishaway.


      I knoow. The beginning was just nervewracking--I so hoped the guy would get away, then again, it's Hannibal. And the 'eye' was so creepy but weirdly interesting at the same time. Ugh.

  10. just.a.willow.tree Thank you! You're so sweet. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by and stalking XD
  11. This is late, but congrats on getting FA! ^_^ Your graphics are so gorgeous and creative, esp your banners (the 'let her go' one is so, so amazing, I just want to hug it 'cause it so prettty.) And your text. And your colouring. Everything is just so pretty in heree. Anyway, I hope your month has gone super well so far and congrats again!
  12. VANYYY. You're baaack. I can't even. I don't even have many words to say. I kinda just wanna do this: You know, not in a creepy way or anything. I haven't actually been in your gallery in what feels like forever, so I'm pretty much blown away by everything, but esp your newer pieces because how you manage to come back and do perfecto text (and comp. and colouring) is just beyond me. I really really love the jensen/dean blend, btw. It's so manly. The second blend is also lovely, though. It kind of looks like a mix of old and new trends, if that makes sense? It also looks super cool. I
  13. amour.toujours Vanyyy! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me And lol, I've been kinda struggling with sigs lately (why are they so weirdly shaped? so...un-banner-like? ) I'm super glad you're back btw ^_^
  14. stardusted* Sheryl! Thank you so muchhh! It means a lot coming from you. ^_^ Lol, tents are welcome, shiny fairy lights and all. (Or, like, actual tent...ing equipment. ) PS; I love your sig. Well, all of your sigs. But this one especially. (: stickley Ooh, thank you! I love that CI too. I'm easily amused. I'm not very sure in my icon-making skills, so thanks. Thank you both for stopping by, you're awesomee1 heh
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