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  1. Merry Christmas beautiful people!

  2. I left your gift for you in the gift thread. <3

  3. Ah, came onto your page to reply but saw it was your birthday! Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day :)

  4. happy birthday morgannn(:

  5. haha I agree too. However, Eames was my favourite ever ever ever. I love Tom Hardy, who plays him. LOVE him xD Anyway, I better shh, I could go on about him for hours lol xoxo

  6. Will do, my disappointing friend's only comment at the end of the film (after she'd picked herself up off the floor) was that the guy who played Arthur was fit. I agreed ;)

  7. hahaha I'm sure I would have done much worse than that :) You should look it up, it's actually amazing :D xoxo

  8. Ah, I saw a bit of it at a sleepover, but my friend got annoyingly hyper and talked through half of it grr. I pushed her off her bed. :D

  9. Oh good :) Ermmm I'm afraid not. That is about all I write, I really do need to branch out haha. Unless of course you like Inception? I have also started to write an Eames/Ariadne/Arthur fic :D Very exciting :) xoxo

  10. I'm doing alright, had major writers block but got my mojo back after a little break, so all's good at the moment :D and yourself? Anything other than Draco/Hermione I could read?? x

  11. Ohhh right, yeah. I understand what you mean completely. I just guess it's never bothered me, I've just thought "this is how I want them to be" which is possibly not the best way to think but it works for me :) How are your fics coming along? You should have a look at mine. Oh no wait, their Hermione/Draco, you wouldn't like them lol :) xoxo

  12. Can't write Golden Trio though. I feel like it's never good enough, because those were JK Rowling's characters, she did them so well... I just always feel like I'm getting it wrong :/

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