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    creating graphis, dancing, laughing, living, listening to music <3
  1. Ok, wow :o I seriously cannot believe that you are a member artist!!! You're composition is amazing, you're colouring as well <3 i just keep staring at your beautiful graphics in awe!
  2. Just thought I'd let you know, since you seem to not have noticed, that I left you the chapter image for chapter 3 in your topic post :)


    kannst du meine Nachrichten hier lesen? =) <3

  4. Du warst heute on und hast nicht Hallo gesagt?? :O :O

    Tsk tsk, Sara :D

  5. Es ist up!!! <3

  6. ahhhhhh ich hab endlich das feld "add comment" gefunden und tanze jetzt einen freudentanz xD

    man nehme meine letzte mail außer acht... Oo ^^

    ich hab keine ahnung, wie man auf dieser seite auch nur irgendwas macht, aber das ist egal - bald hab ich's voll drauf :P

    hau rein^^


  7. waaah, da bist du ja :D sann sag ich jetzt mal ganz cool und offiziel: Welcome to the dark arts :P

  8. *looks down* I've just realized I typed in Denglisch :)

  9. Hello!! Germany is great! Das gefällt mir :) I don't leave my family, they came with me, well, it's because of them that I moved. :) At first it wasn't easy to start everything, but now everything is perfect (but mein Englisch ist kaputt :D). Wohnst du in Köln? Geil! I've been there last October!!!

  10. yeah i've watched it. :D

  11. Hey :D

    How are you liking your life in Germany so far?

    I imagine it to be hard to leave your friends and family and move to a whole other continent where they don't even speak your language :/

  12. 5 months too late, but better late than never :D Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday :)

  13. Even though this is really late ^_^ Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday :D

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