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  1. icons banners signatures \ blends credits abbysidian alkindii bachtheotter cypher-s endl-ess-ly eranae evey-v jakepatt lillithdemoness ravenorlov
  2. [b]Current Name:[/b] frost. [b]Desired Name:[/b] nox [b]Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No):[/b] no [b]Previous Name Changes:[/b] plasticfantasic --> panic! --> frost.
  3. eons.

    om, your icon!! she's my favorite <33

    1. nox


      LOOOOL, when she made that face in LoK I immediately paused and screencapped it because it was g o l d

    2. eons.


      honestly every face she makes is screencap-worthy, who would've thought that beifong could be so expressive? XD

  4. Congrats on featured artist m'dear! Oh my gaaawddd, I remember when you started off and gurl, you've come so far. And you know what the best part is? You're only gonna get better and better and better and I'll be stalking your gallery continuously as you do. Thanks for dropping by my gallery -- I was like, WOAH PEOPLE STILL KNOW WHO I AM? aha, seeing your lovely face- (text? words? personality embedded in your words?... whatever) was like a blast from the past. I will be bugging you with my presence from here on out, so you better get used to it
  5. Present Name: Panic! Desired Name: frost. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): No thank you! Previous Name Changes: PlasticFantastic > Panic! (around two years ago?)
  6. Merreh Christmas Jia! :D Have a great holiday <3 http://i.imgur.com/PQSkR.png -vee

  7. *crawls in* Just thought I'd mention how much I seriously adore your graphics, and how much inspiration they give me. I serioously wish my colouring&filtering was half as pretty as yours
  8. You're beautiful :)

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