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  1. okay first shot is the profile, second is the signature, third is when you hover over the signature! let me know if you want your real name rather than your account name. also [here] is a direct link if you want to see it in action.
  2. absolutely perfect thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! (i'll upload the screen shot thingies in a few!)
  3. oh they're absolutely beautiful omg!! i'm not sure how your resources are lined up or how you save layers, so i don't know if it's possible but would you be able to take the leafy things off his eyes in the signature? not all of the leafy things just the one little sprig that's touching his eye or even shift it so it's not touching his eye? it just squicks me out a little with it looking like it's poking.
  4. thank you!! that example is EXACTLY what i love! the tones of blue and green in the album photos of jason are good as far as colors go i would just say avoid orange or yellow cause it might clash with the site's color scheme.
  5. sorry, i figured that was just for profiles hidden from guest view. the profile screenshot has been added.
  6. Size: 500 x 200 Images: so i would love for [first choice] or [second choice] to be the main background image and then for [this album] to be used for the main images on the signature (not the net on the face ones please). Text: main text "quentin coldwater" and smaller text "did i do something brave?" Color Preferences: okay i LOVE the whole black and white parts with color parts thing. or part of it is all one color overlay then the minor images are more regular colors. (i can show examples if this makes no sense.) but on the whole just deep, rich, dark colors. nothing pastel or hazy colored. almost that over sharpened rigid look? the colors on the album images are a good palette! Preferred Mood: dark, depressing, and "edgy". Link to Place to be Used: [my profile] (it says ooc account but it'll be changed when he's accepted) When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): never! Additional Information: i will write a sig code that makes the credit for the images visible. Size: 200 x 330 Images: the above linked album Text: no text please Color Preferences: matching the signature Preferred Mood: matching the signature Additional Information: i'm not fond of overly styled avatars. i prefer something more like a simple cut of a single album photo with the same coloring and texturing as the signature has. if possible, use a different photo than the signature uses for variety. Size: 200 x 150 Images: same as above Text: maybe a large "Q" but if it doesn't look right then no text is fine Color Preferences: matching the signature Preferred Mood: matching the signature Additional Information: right now there's a gif sitting in the spot this will go. it can be a crop of the signature without the text (because they won't be visible on the same place) or just something matching it.
  7. they're fantastic! thank you so much!!! 💖 (i can let you know when the site opens so you can check for credit!)
  8. oh wow those are super cute!! we're both digging version 2 a bit more so that one please. 😁
  9. Size: 390 x 320 (x 8 sorta ~ see below for explanation) Link to Place to be Used: the official site isn't built yet, however the tester site where everything is being built is here. the "credits" button does work and is where the credits for the images will be located. (as well as any photographer credits needed.) Type of Site: roleplay site Images: first choice (1, 2, & 3 are our faves), second choice (1, 3, 5, 6, & 7 are our faves), third choice Text: way back home (the fonts used on site are poppins and milkshake) Mood of your Skin: small town new england site. think gilmore girls kinda feel ~~ Color Preferences: we prefer richer colors to pastel. the words 'way back home' should be in the site colors: #828b9e, #906b4b, #758d62, #836d86, #ac6d86, #759a8e, #9a8d75 Additional Information: okay so i know it says 8 banners but we really only need 1 banner but 8 times. so the regular banner should have just general/match anything coloring. but the words 'way back home' should be in the different colors. so it would be 7 banners where the only thing different on them is the color of the words. (colors are listed above) as for the 8th banner, it just needs to be in black and white, nothing fancy! (the skin colors change per member group so the banner would match the skin coloring when people switch accounts.) Size: 500 x 500 (x 1 or 2) Link to Place to be Used: see above Type of Site: see above Images: see above Text: big: way back home + small: jcink premium. real life. small town. - doesn't have to be . in between just any way of separating them Mood of your Skin: see above Color Preferences: matching the banner but the words ONLY need to be in our default #828b9e Additional Information: this is the advertisement image so it should just match the banner! the site won't open until january so we can come back and link when the site is done to prove the credits are still there if needed.
  10. Jenna822


    thank you. i'll peek at those both!
  11. Jenna822


    with this new update of photobucket's terms of service no longer allowing third part hotlinking, can someone tell me what other sites they use to host their images for the hpff stories?
  12. i wish i could use emojis here because i would send you like 50 of the little heart ones!! we're going to be swapping them in on new year's eve night/new year's morning so if you don't see them before then, that's why. i'll probs send you a pm the day they go up so you can see! thank you so so so much they're amazing!!
  13. the graphics are wonderful but the watermark kind of throws everything off to be honest. we have a credit thread on the board where i can put all of your crediting! it's right here (yours would go where clarity's is now with a link to your account).
  14. that is definitely what we're after! it's amazing and i think our members are going to gush! for sure would love the rest to be in that same style!! edit okay when i went to put it on the tester site and start fitting the new colors i noticed that there's a light colored border around the banner that i didn't notice against this light background. is there any way we can get the banner without that tiny bit of border? it's not that it doesn't look good but when it's fitted into the skin we have it makes everything look like it doesn't fit properly because it's the same color as the bit around it. sorry for the trouble on that hopefully it won't be something too hard to edit?? if it's going to mess anything up then it's okay to leave it as is, i can work with the skin and trim it via coding. but i thought i'd ask first.
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