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  1. hey I’m here with a quick critique that you may not still want or need, but I’ll give it ago. Squee: You have a really strong style, and your colorings skills are pretty much amazing. I’m obsessed with the coloring on the first banner, i love the combination of red/cyan and monochrome. It’s also really amazing how you use animation in your banners, like, really amazing. It’ so seamless and it really adds to the overall cohesiveness/ picture. Crit: the biggest thing I think you could focus on right now is composition- maybe trying to mix it up at little bit. I love how you have a strong styl
  2. valentine's day= too much chocolate.

  3. 1D FAN?! -shakes hand and starts singing WMYB- XD

    1. la.paz


      YESSS :) I know all the words. I'm not proud. shhhh, that's why I love the internet!

    2. legendson


      HAHAHAHA! ME TOO. I'm proud though XD They were my boys, at point. Now though.. ugh >_< The US is spoiling them I think:S I only like Niall :S

  4. no problem!! :) it was really fun to make. Chris Martin=Love <3

  5. hi! I just wanted to drop in with my very late thank you for the lovely and very useful SS presents you made1 ^_^

  6. haha no problem <3 done! just shout if this one isn't working for you (:

  7. It was totally my fault! Really, i am so sorry! I edited my post, again :P

  8. omg sorry YOU ARE GOING TO HATE ME, 44 is taken too .___. SORRY ABOUT THIS.

    (leaving this here because your inbox is full <3) sorry sorry sorry!

  9. Lol yeah! He talked about it in the author's note at the back of the book. XD And I know. I've been writing since before I was 14, but I didn't finish a novel until I was 16.D: So far behind him... XD

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