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  1. You too like The Mists of Avalon??? That's my favourite book EVER!!! I literally can't find a book as engaging ever since, it's insane!!!

  2. I usually start colouring a graphic adding a gradient layer of black/white on luminosity - it adds contrast (I'm not a fan of the brightness/contrast layers - I usually overdo them ) and you can always decrease the opacity. Then, I add another black/white gradient layer on normal and lower the opacity (usually below 30%, but again, it always depends on the graphic itself), so that the original colouring of the graphic is subdued and more even, so you can colour away
  3. I checked who that guy was... Meeeeh... not my type, good looking though :D I'd still throw him down the cliff muhahaha

  4. Oh duh... I completely forgot, I am the forgetful one :/ *hides in a hole and never ever comes out*

  5. Does it actually say 'izgubeni' in this graphic? http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c289/shining_days/dany-1.png

    As in, lost?? Dude, where are you from?? :D (If I may ask)

    Amazing work, btw <3 Love it

  6. That's awesome! I went to Bansko once and I really liked it. :)

  7. Country neighbour? Really? So where are you from? :D Maybe I've visited your country :P

  8. What about requests posted in the UFG section? Do we fill them out or leave it until the forums are open?
  9. Thanks! :D *jumps around*

    And YES he was amazing and perfect and amazing... and did I mention he was amazing?! hahahah

  10. Hey! Just to let you know that the Hurts' concert was BEYOND amazing!!! I have a new obsession - Theo! <3

  11. Hahahahaa don't joke about stuff like that, you know you are too awesome! <3


  12. Thank you so much!!! :D

  13. Hahaha I am already making plans on being the craziest person out there. Strangely, not many people like them over here, but they are my fave band! :P

  14. I love them too! They are going to be having a gig (not a concert, but in this festival) in two weeks where I live, and I CAN'T WAIT. They are TOO awesome!!!

  15. Hey! I just saw you are from Croatia!! That's so cool!! I've been there on summer vacation and had the most amazing time!!! And I'm from Macedonia, so I understand Croatian hahaha

  16. Haha thanks! I did have a wonderful time, actually! :D I go to Greece very often, like once-twice a year, seeing as I am your southern neighbor hahaha :P

  17. Hahaha yeah I'm Macedonian. No USA blood in my family... BUT my sister is in the USA... maybe that's why you though I am from there! hahahaha ok I'll shut up now...

  18. Anna_Black

    An Apology

    To be honest, I took the whole deal as a joke: the graphics and the supposed fight. I didn't even realize anyone was hurt (and MAs are so good these days, I honestly honestly believe that people were simply joking with the blends and signatures!)... but then again, that could be only my epic ability to not notice things
  19. OMG thank you!!! It's awesome! YOU'RE awesome :)

  20. Thanks hun!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMO AS WELL!!!! :D

  21. Thank you so much!!!! AAA HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. The League of Light, yeah I remember :P Boy, was that a horrible graphic :/

    Well... good luck on the exams, I'm sure you'll ace them :)

  23. *poke*

    you're nominated for feature artist! <3

  24. I give up... my dreams are crashed...

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