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  1. A brilliant edition of the digest, well done and thank you so much for all of the hardwork you put in! I know so much about chocolate now, and that tart looks delicious! Thank you for the feature, and congratulations to everyone featured! ❤️ I can't wait for next month's edition!
  2. saraaah!! ahhhhhhhh you made a gallery on TDA, I am so HYPE for you ❤️ I absolutely love love your graphics, you know I am a big fan and I'm so excited to see more of your beauties! both of jinyoung's signatures are GORGEOUS - the colouring & composition are so amazing!! and the "i can't stop me" chapter image, again that composition and colouring and the text!! so stunning!! ❤️ ahhhhhhh, so happy that you're here and i look forward to seeing more beautiful graphics from you!! ❤️
  3. Congrats on the promotion! I'm super happy for you! You totally deserve it! :loves: Welcome to the Master league!!

    1. suga.


      Thank you so much Gaby!! :loves:❤️ 

  4. Hi Safaa! My name is Mafee, it's nice to meet you. Just wanted to pop in and say that I really love your gallery/graphics, and I'm glad to see your coming back (after a very long time!) Both of your blends are my favourite, I really really adore every aspect of them - and I love your colouring/composition in general. Congratulations on your promotion too, very well deserved! ❤️ I look forward to seeing more graphics from you!
  5. Fantastic issue! Thank you so much, you guys; congratulations to everyone featured! The graphics this month have been out of this world, honestly ❤️ Quiz answers (a lot of it was guess work, just FYI 😂) 1. b; 2. a; 3.b; 4. a; 5. b; 6.a; 7.c; 8.b; 9.c; 10.c I'm 99% sure I wouldn't survive in the Hunger Games 😂
  6. @valentine~ thank you so much val! ❤️ @bewitching. gaby, thank you so much - that means the world coming from you. ❤️
  7. ahhhhhh karly!! love of my life, so excited to see you making graphics again!! ❤️ welcome back bby!
  8. Hello Jane! I'm Mafee, it's nice to meet you! Welcome back to TDA. Unfortunately, I don't use Photoshop but there's a ton of fantastic graphic makers that do that you can get tips from as well as ton of tutorials! I look forward to seeing some of your graphics soon
  9. Congratulations matcha! ❤️
  10. five hundred years later, but thank you so much you guys! ❤️
  11. hello there! i'm mafee, it's nice to meet you and welcome back!! ❤️ i really hope you find your appreciation for graphic design soon.
  12. hi chelsey, i'm mafee it's nice to meet you! i just wanted to come give your gallery some love. i saw the signature that you made for leah, and it's so so so beautiful. i absolutely adore your graphics. your style is incredible and so creative. ❤️
  13. hellllloooooooo my love, i am back here because you updated!! (also, it's 2020 steph LOL) BUT, I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU NEVER STOP MAKING GRAPHICS. your graphics will be always my favourite, we started making them around the same time (ish) and just, you've always inspired me. really, really looking forward to seeing more my love. ❤️
  14. gabyyyyyyy ❤️ hi hi, you already know how much i adore your graphics but i wanted to come in here and tell you anyway. you have such a clean style and your colouring techniques are some of my favourite, honestly. i look forward to seeing more of them, my love
  15. shoonaaa ❤️ it's been such a long time since i've admired your graphics. i simply just adore your style and the softness of your graphics. really, i could not pick a favourite. i just hope you keep making beauties for me to love on.
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