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  1. Thank you for the new gorgeous skins! And thank you to the artists that made the headers, they're stunning! ❤️
  2. Hey lovely! Unfortunately I won't be able to change the colouring to make it less it green. I'm so sorry!
  3. i am here to kick it off in the new thread! (also, thank you so much for the squee in the previous thread ) @bewitching. the composition and colouring and the text, i just, i die for gaby's work! @seabear it always blows my mind how people make graphics with anime images?? and make it look so good and bright ❤️ this is so smooth, shels pls teach us the continous banner challenge is getting some stunning entries! @hamylton. @KaYLO REN & this character image by @matcha is so beautiful, honestly, i'm in love with your style!!
  4. Thank you for being so understanding! Sorry it took me so long, but here it is: **IMAGES REMOVED BY STAFF** I may be able to make some changes depending but feel free to re-open if you don't like it! Credit suga. @TDA and rehost, please!
  5. Just a heads up that this might take a little longer than expected (a couple more days!) So sorry about that!
  6. suga.

    Name change day!

    Current Name: god.dess Desired Name: suga. Previous Name Changes: Mafzy - mignonne - libertas. - god.dess
  7. icons - banners - signatures - blends - credits - DaFont The Dark Arts Lola. Deviant Art 4mira + 53+vikyvampirs90 + abbysidian + accursed + alkindii + amidnighteaparty + Anthony Gimenez + blueshoo-designs + btchdirectioner + ByEny + Cami-Curles-Edition + Carllton + Chedey111 + cypher-s + eliferguc + elizacunnigham + endl-ess-ly + ErenaeErae + Evey-V + Foxy159200 + glsd546 + grabarze + GraphicsUniverse + inglorious-bastard + jakepatt + KrypteriaHG + LilithDemoness + Lost-in-Art + Madwoman98 + marioantonio23 + Marysse93 + Mocking-The-Jay + moonstone--child + nk-ash + RavenOrlov + Rosesylla + SatelliteAlice + silvermeduse + silviabilia + sixty6ix + SmilerGorl9 + Starved-Soul + Tekmile + toxic sky + Vanessax17 + VyTuzki + wintermoon + WinterOwl + wonderalex
  8. I made icons for the first time in years, I'm so happy :dumbles:

  9. Hello, hello! My name is Mafee (Mafalda) and I wanted to come say hello. I haven't been around TDA in a long time (and have always been on and off) but I'm trying to find my passion of graphics again and I figured I'd pop in and say hi as I want to get more involved with TDA. ^_^ Hopefully I'll see many of you around as well as all the lovely things you make!
  10. I'm very sorry that you had to wait so long, lovely! ❤️ Here we are: I hope it's okay! I'm not sure whether I'll be able to make changes because of the way I made the signature, but let me know if you want me to remake it entirely. You can credit Francesca or Regina, or god.dess@tda & rehost if you wish!
  11. Thank you so much lovely! That's so stunning and perfect! I really appreciate you doing this for me ❤️ +Cap of it being used on board!
  12. Size: 500x500 Images: Any of Ksenia Komleva Text: 'Welcome to the Character Library of Regina Knight' - or anything along those lines that suit that! Feel free to use her name only if you prefer! Color Preferences: I will be happy with any colours but if you want a guide, pinks, purples and blues suit Regina a lot! Preferred Mood: Between bright and neutral please! Link to Place to be Used: +Profile. Link to Screencap: +Screencap. When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile?: Never. Additional Information: Thank you to whoever picks this up! If you need to me I can compile an album of Ksenia pictures, so please let me know! ❤️
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