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  1. Congrats on the promotion! I'm super happy for you! You totally deserve it! :loves: Welcome to the Master league!!

    1. suga.


      Thank you so much Gaby!! :loves:❤️ 

  2. Hi Safaa! My name is Mafee, it's nice to meet you. Just wanted to pop in and say that I really love your gallery/graphics, and I'm glad to see your coming back (after a very long time!) Both of your blends are my favourite, I really really adore every aspect of them - and I love your colouring/composition in general. Congratulations on your promotion too, very well deserved! ❤️ I look forward to seeing more graphics from you!
  3. Congratulations on your promotion, Violet! So pleased for you, it was so well deserved! ❤️ Enjoy the new blue!
  4. Hi Ashley, just wanted to come back here and congratulate you on your promotion! It's really well deserved ❤️
  5. Thank you so much! Loving the pink ❤️
  6. Fantastic issue! Thank you so much, you guys; congratulations to everyone featured! The graphics this month have been out of this world, honestly ❤️ Quiz answers (a lot of it was guess work, just FYI 😂) 1. b; 2. a; 3.b; 4. a; 5. b; 6.a; 7.c; 8.b; 9.c; 10.c I'm 99% sure I wouldn't survive in the Hunger Games 😂
  7. @valentine~ thank you so much val! ❤️ @bewitching. gaby, thank you so much - that means the world coming from you. ❤️
  8. guess who's back! firstly, i want to echo the post above @hamylton. that chapter image is stunning. ❤️ another stunning entry to the March DA Digest by @valentine~ honestly, im going to have such a hard time voting. this is so so beautiful val! @wanderedaway adore adore adore this banner, the softness and the simplicity! @Whimsical god when i saw this i was so blown away, i find manips so difficult and just, this is so beautiful and ethereal. @KaYLO REN kay says B&W isn't them but this is absolutely stunning. love love everything about this, the text & the composition! @aurevoir came back yesterday to drop this gorgeouness on us, i'm shook by everything, especially that colouring, i'm in love. ❤️
  9. ahhhhhh karly!! love of my life, so excited to see you making graphics again!! ❤️ welcome back bby!
  10. Hello Jane! I'm Mafee, it's nice to meet you! Welcome back to TDA. Unfortunately, I don't use Photoshop but there's a ton of fantastic graphic makers that do that you can get tips from as well as ton of tutorials! I look forward to seeing some of your graphics soon
  11. Oops, back again but! I can't pass up the opportunity to squee a few more graphics! @hamylton. oh my god amy these COLOURS?? i am mind-blown by how incredible this is! @Whimsical CHELSEY !!! oh my god when i saw this i screamed on the inside, the composition?? the colouring?? this is so beautiful and just so dark and mysterious, i really really love this header ❤️ @wildest dreams. the simplicity of this signature and the colours and the text, hannah will always blow my mind with her talent ❤️
  12. I'm back with some new beauties to squee! Everyone's graphics lately have been out of this world! @Whimsical this composition is incredible and i honestly adore how creative this is. the colours are unsual but work so well together! @valentine~ has really done some incredible work lately! Her blends especially are so gorgeous - their composition especially! @wildest dreams. hannah literally came back to bless us with her beautiful signatures and i just, i'm so blown away by everything - how perfect the colouring is, the text, the creative composition! && the UC is giving us some stunning graphics to admire! @JadedWraith @Lola. @violetpacifist
  13. Congratulations matcha! ❤️
  14. five hundred years later, but thank you so much you guys! ❤️
  15. hello there! i'm mafee, it's nice to meet you and welcome back!! ❤️ i really hope you find your appreciation for graphic design soon.
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