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  1. Congrats on the promotion! I'm super happy for you! You totally deserve it! :loves: Welcome to the Master league!!

    1. suga.


      Thank you so much Gaby!! :loves:❤️ 

  2. Hi Safaa! My name is Mafee, it's nice to meet you. Just wanted to pop in and say that I really love your gallery/graphics, and I'm glad to see your coming back (after a very long time!) Both of your blends are my favourite, I really really adore every aspect of them - and I love your colouring/composition in general. Congratulations on your promotion too, very well deserved! ❤️ I look forward to seeing more graphics from you!
  3. Hi Flory! I absolutely adore your gallery and your graphics. Your icons are absolutely stunning and I love your composition! Congratulations on your promotion, so well deserved! ❤️
  4. Congratulations on your promotion, Violet! So pleased for you, it was so well deserved! ❤️ Enjoy the new blue!
  5. Hi Ashley, just wanted to come back here and congratulate you on your promotion! It's really well deserved ❤️
  6. Thank you so much! Loving the pink ❤️
  7. Fantastic issue! Thank you so much, you guys; congratulations to everyone featured! The graphics this month have been out of this world, honestly ❤️ Quiz answers (a lot of it was guess work, just FYI 😂) 1. b; 2. a; 3.b; 4. a; 5. b; 6.a; 7.c; 8.b; 9.c; 10.c I'm 99% sure I wouldn't survive in the Hunger Games 😂
  8. Hi Ashley! I really like this banner, I love how soft it is. The focal point isn't clear yet. The text is too on one side, in my opinion so I would shift it towards the empty space on the left. I think that you need to add another image on the left too, whether it's another girl or the couple or maybe a boy? If you don't want to do this, then I'd shift the images towards the left more to make it more centered. I hope that helps!
  9. Hi Val! I think you have a very consistent style and I'm not sure whether I can provide any feedback that would actually improve this blend. I really adore it, you have a keen eye for text and composition! There's a couple of things I would say about this particular graphic (and someone please feel free to correct me) but Dylan and the smaller Kaya seem to be slightly on the low quality side? It may be because of the textures on top of them but that's something you could try and look out for? My other piece of advise would be to be careful about your cutting - I can see a slight blue around Dylan's hand and again, a darker brown on the smaller Kaya's hand. More careful cutting/blending around your images would really help. Overall, you do have a very unique and beautiful style. ❤️
  10. @valentine~ thank you so much val! ❤️ @bewitching. gaby, thank you so much - that means the world coming from you. ❤️
  11. guess who's back! firstly, i want to echo the post above @hamylton. that chapter image is stunning. ❤️ another stunning entry to the March DA Digest by @valentine~ honestly, im going to have such a hard time voting. this is so so beautiful val! @wanderedaway adore adore adore this banner, the softness and the simplicity! @Whimsical god when i saw this i was so blown away, i find manips so difficult and just, this is so beautiful and ethereal. @KaYLO REN kay says B&W isn't them but this is absolutely stunning. love love everything about this, the text & the composition! @aurevoir came back yesterday to drop this gorgeouness on us, i'm shook by everything, especially that colouring, i'm in love. ❤️
  12. ahhhhhh karly!! love of my life, so excited to see you making graphics again!! ❤️ welcome back bby!
  13. Hello Jane! I'm Mafee, it's nice to meet you! Welcome back to TDA. Unfortunately, I don't use Photoshop but there's a ton of fantastic graphic makers that do that you can get tips from as well as ton of tutorials! I look forward to seeing some of your graphics soon
  14. Oops, back again but! I can't pass up the opportunity to squee a few more graphics! @hamylton. oh my god amy these COLOURS?? i am mind-blown by how incredible this is! @Whimsical CHELSEY !!! oh my god when i saw this i screamed on the inside, the composition?? the colouring?? this is so beautiful and just so dark and mysterious, i really really love this header ❤️ @wildest dreams. the simplicity of this signature and the colours and the text, hannah will always blow my mind with her talent ❤️
  15. I'm back with some new beauties to squee! Everyone's graphics lately have been out of this world! @Whimsical this composition is incredible and i honestly adore how creative this is. the colours are unsual but work so well together! @valentine~ has really done some incredible work lately! Her blends especially are so gorgeous - their composition especially! @wildest dreams. hannah literally came back to bless us with her beautiful signatures and i just, i'm so blown away by everything - how perfect the colouring is, the text, the creative composition! && the UC is giving us some stunning graphics to admire! @JadedWraith @Lola. @violetpacifist
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