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    you <3
  1. German is such a cool language! And I still think that's awesome you're going to school over there. I totally want to go to grad school somewhere in Europe (preferably england since they speak english :P) And I'm doing well :D I'm in a bit of a graphic rut right now, but what else is new hahaha

  2. uni is great! :) and I also go to Language School, because my German isn't perfect yet :P and what are you doing now?

  3. *looks down* I've just realized I typed in Denglisch :)

  4. Hello!! Germany is great! Das gefällt mir :) I don't leave my family, they came with me, well, it's because of them that I moved. :) At first it wasn't easy to start everything, but now everything is perfect (but mein Englisch ist kaputt :D). Wohnst du in Köln? Geil! I've been there last October!!!

  5. Hey :D

    How are you liking your life in Germany so far?

    I imagine it to be hard to leave your friends and family and move to a whole other continent where they don't even speak your language :/

  6. oh boo :( haha but yeah, how is school going? And thanks (: I nearly died of surprise when I was promoted :P

  7. that's the problem :( I don't have any muse and uni is getting me crazy @_@ but you've improved a LOT. it just seemed yesterday when you commented in my first gallery as junior artist :D

  8. I'm good ^___^ glad you're back at TDA! Now you need a gallery for me to stalk :P

  9. yeah, I was dead and now I am back to this world :D I'm fine, and how about you?

  10. Percy! you're aliiive ^___^ lol, how are you??

  11. mags mags mags mags mags :D

  12. helloooooo! saya tidak pernah membuka akun jadi maaf saya baru punya kesempatan. wie gehts? alles gut bei dir??

  13. frohes neues jahr!

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