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  1. Congratulations everyone! So well deserved <3
  2. What an amazing issue! Congratulations everyone :) And amazing job to the editors. (& thanks for the shout outs?? ilysm)
  3. Congratulations everyone! (Also those awards are gorg)
  4. Just popping in to say that I'm literally in love with +This. From what I can tell you make amazing banners/headers. Great Gallery! :)
  5. Hiya! Your gallery reminds me of like, a scrapbook. I adore the use of textures and the colours - like they've stepped off the pages of a gorgeous 60's magazine. Stunning! Amazing work :)
  6. Just have to pop in & say I love love love your Rhett & Link blend . I love that creativity. The overlays are really gorgeous! That's definitely a niche of yours that you should explore from what I've seen! Great Gallery!
  7. I. Love. Colours. Honestly you've got this fine line between over-saturated and 'vibrant rainbow heaven' and you're walking that line to perfection. Your covers are actually my literal favourite thing I've seen today :D They're stunning!!
  8. You know, one of my usernames about 214 years ago used to be Caraphernelia - so I feel like we have something in common! Also I love how your colours are so natural yet sharp and almost ~vintage~. Lovely Gallery!
  9. It's literally been so long since I've been here but thank you for remembering and thanks Klara, I missed your face <3
  10. okay please don't hate me for the wait omg im sorry ily i completely understand if you'd like to reopen these or get me to try again >_< .____.
  11. the rust is real ;-; Sorry to make you wait forever for this :/// I totally understand if you'd like to re-open to someone else or get me to try again >_<
  12. Just updating on my progress! I've had a few assignments to complete over the past few days, but I'll get this finished soon! <3 i'm sorry for making you wait. :(
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