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  1. You've been such a pillar in the TDA community for as long as I can remember, & I hope to see you around still! <3
  2. What an amazing issue! Congratulations everyone :) And amazing job to the editors. (& thanks for the shout outs?? ilysm)

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    2. accursed.


      haha it was just a place for me to dump all my codes that I make >_< You're welcome to help contribute to it if you want to??

    3. Artemesia


      Yessssss I will :D I'm developing something right now I'll send it when it's done :D

    4. accursed.


      haha okay, sounds good :)

  4. KARA YOU'RE BACK :O :O :O YESSSS SCORE! omgomgomgomgomg okay. ughhh i used to be such a fangirl of yours! Back in like 2010 wow. You probably have no idea who I am (laurraawwrr, sixx., caraphernelia - i've had a few name changes) and i would stalk your gallery so much and wish i could muster the courage to talk to you. Literally i was in awe of you (ahaha what do i mean was?? i still am) I adore the sims! I have so many families and i've filled every single neighbourhood with different families and i love ruining their lives >D So i'm 100% on your side with that. I also go
  5. Woah this is epic! Super awesome design and super interesting to read through! You guys are amazing.
  6. Hi! Welcome to TDA! <333 If you've ever got any questions about the forum or anything feel free to hit me up! Hoping you start a gallery no pressure I feel like I totally recognise the name pixelguts though!
  7. hey! just wanted to say thank you so much for what you wrote on the person above you!!! made my day!! :D

    1. accursed.



      seriously i know you're coming back (ish - i mean its been awhile since you came back but yunno) honestly even how much you've developed lately is insane *-* and also teach me your busy composition skills coz dayum.


    2. jupiter


      hahah I like to call it 'creeping in and out' as I'm never really fully back but never fully there either, and usually when Im making graphics i should be working :P thank you that means absolutely so much to me coming from you!! I've been a longstanding (most likely silent) but avid fan of your work!! you do not need my skills! you have your own much better ones!! :D

  8. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!! ahoy there junior! congrats on the promotion! I totally knew this was happening. As soon as I saw that gallery header I was just "yup, promotion for sure" honestly it's not fair. leave some talent for the rest of us. enjoy your new blue! <3
  9. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!! juniorrr!! hey hey hey! congratulations on your promotion! With banners like that it's no surprise really. They're phenomenal. keep going! Please. please? please. CONGRATS
  10. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!! !!senior senior senior!! congrats on the promotion!! <3 teach me how you do banners!
  11. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!! hey there graduate! OKAY so just quickly, what even is your style?? And YOUR GALLERY LAYOUT?? honestly it makes me feel so ashamed of mine. Your style is phenominal! Honestly i don't even know what to think other than "gimme gimme gimme" congrats on your promotionnnn <3 so well deserved.
  12. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!!! hello there newest staff artist! honestly this promo was so well deserved, your stuff is actually amazing like wow. That blend is out of this world, how do you even do that . . . style thing? I have no words! Congrats!
  13. honestly i live for these digests amazing edition and congrats to everyone!! Amazing awards and those headers are actually flawless :drop:
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