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  1. Congratulations everyone! So well deserved <3
  2. What an amazing issue! Congratulations everyone :) And amazing job to the editors. (& thanks for the shout outs?? ilysm)
  3. Congratulations everyone! (Also those awards are gorg)
  4. Just popping in to say that I'm literally in love with +This. From what I can tell you make amazing banners/headers. Great Gallery! :)
  5. Hiya! Your gallery reminds me of like, a scrapbook. I adore the use of textures and the colours - like they've stepped off the pages of a gorgeous 60's magazine. Stunning! Amazing work :)
  6. Just have to pop in & say I love love love your Rhett & Link blend . I love that creativity. The overlays are really gorgeous! That's definitely a niche of yours that you should explore from what I've seen! Great Gallery!
  7. I. Love. Colours. Honestly you've got this fine line between over-saturated and 'vibrant rainbow heaven' and you're walking that line to perfection. Your covers are actually my literal favourite thing I've seen today :D They're stunning!!
  8. You know, one of my usernames about 214 years ago used to be Caraphernelia - so I feel like we have something in common! Also I love how your colours are so natural yet sharp and almost ~vintage~. Lovely Gallery!
  9. It's literally been so long since I've been here but thank you for remembering and thanks Klara, I missed your face <3
  10. okay please don't hate me for the wait omg im sorry ily i completely understand if you'd like to reopen these or get me to try again >_< .____.
  11. the rust is real ;-; Sorry to make you wait forever for this :/// I totally understand if you'd like to re-open to someone else or get me to try again >_<
  12. Just updating on my progress! I've had a few assignments to complete over the past few days, but I'll get this finished soon! <3 i'm sorry for making you wait. :(
  13. hi hi I've seen this! Coming back off a long absence but I have seen this and yes I'm on it
  14. In order to get the most out of your request and not waste artist's time, please ensure you check your original request and make sure it's what you want satellite did use the image you provided for Effy, so please just make sure you're certain in order to save our artists making unnecessary changes.
  15. If you'd like, we can move this to MA requests where it might get snagged faster?
  16. yup all done. again, sorry for the wait! Please feel free to reopen if you don't like it & please rehost & credit if you do. <3
  17. Hey! I'm getting an error 404 on your image links, can you fix that up please?
  18. KARA YOU'RE BACK :O :O :O YESSSS SCORE! omgomgomgomgomg okay. ughhh i used to be such a fangirl of yours! Back in like 2010 wow. You probably have no idea who I am (laurraawwrr, sixx., caraphernelia - i've had a few name changes) and i would stalk your gallery so much and wish i could muster the courage to talk to you. Literally i was in awe of you (ahaha what do i mean was?? i still am) I adore the sims! I have so many families and i've filled every single neighbourhood with different families and i love ruining their lives >D So i'm 100% on your side with that. I also got the entire box set of the GoT books for Christmas and i really wanna read them but tiiiiiiiiime.
  19. Woah this is epic! Super awesome design and super interesting to read through! You guys are amazing.
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