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  1. So will all stories be moved to there? Or just those who are active ?
  2. I have a quick question, I have recently come into a small winfall and would like to contribute to the funding of keeping tda alive. Is there anywhere I can donate you guys some money just to help with monthly costs etc ??
  3. *sheepishly slinks in* hiiii<3 

  4. Beauitiful edition 😍 ♥ Can't wait for next months :D :D
  5. It's been ageeeeees since we spoke and hope you are well!! ❤️ Thank you for the DM nom too you are way too kind!!! I know you're busy according to your sig so I shan't keep you long ❤️ But but thank you!!

  6. Hey Vanya ❤️ are you available for requests?? Xx

    1. azimuth


      Karniii ❤ Tbh I've been pretty low on muse since forever, but i could try? Unless it's a sig because I think a sig is beyond my capabilities at the moment :P

    2. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      It's a banner hun, if that's OK?? Xx 

    3. azimuth
  7. Does anyone feel up for a battle?? 

    1. miss atomic bomb
    2. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      Picked you ❤️ I'll inbox you once I'm home on the laptop 😘 

    3. miss atomic bomb
  8. ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      Hey beautiful! Happy to be back? 😊😊

    3. ailhsa


      Absolutely! (As much as work permits anyway :) ). I can see you are though 😛 

    4. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      I'm overly happy,  I don't need to go Crazy anymore, 😂 but I have just recently got a job too so I'm a time restriction now as well 😞

  9. So I don't understand servers at all... Cause I'm not high tech like that so I have a few questions. I remember back when HPFF was still owned by Jay they relied on us to give a 'donation' every year which a lot of people did do and I think it was nice of the people to do! So will donations, beside merch, still be optional to help with software? Cause from what I do understand, the software can be the most expensive part of a domain and a board yes??
  10. You're all fantastic!! Keep up the good work!!
  11. Congrats guys keep up the good work everyone xx
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