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  1. I have a quick question, I have recently come into a small winfall and would like to contribute to the funding of keeping tda alive. Is there anywhere I can donate you guys some money just to help with monthly costs etc ??
  2. *sheepishly slinks in* hiiii<3 

  3. Here you go, if it isn't what you're looking for feel free to open, or ask for changes. if you like it please re-host and credit to Newt Scamander at The Dark Arts. :hug:
  4. just letting you know that Ron is on the banner now and that I'm doing text, and some color adjustment's and it'll be finished! :D
  5. Do you have any pictures of Rupert in particular you had in mind, all the ones I have are just starting to bug me now :lol:
  6. Beauitiful edition 😍 ♥ Can't wait for next months :D :D
  7. Hi! Before I open this for you can you confirm me that you want the couple kissing on the beach, as that's the only photo that comes up in your characters link. ❤️ RA mod x
  8. @jellybean jones For future reference love, you can double post in the requesting arena otherwise a mod may not see that you have edited your post for a few days, and the requetor may not receive a notification that it's ready either
  9. @hecate. For future reference , instead of editing your graphic into your original post, you can double post, so us mods can catch the request faster otherwise sometimes we miss an edited post. 😊😊😘
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