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  1. Thank you so much for the squee :loves:

    1. Whimsical


      You're welcome! Love all your stuff, but that blend is probably my favorite ❤️ 

    2. bewitching.


      Awww thanks. I'm quite pleased with it too. Summer vibes all the way!

  2. Homg welcome back! It's so good to see you again and I can't wait to see all the new pretties you come up with. All this craziness going on in the world right now sucks, but it's nice to see so many old faces returning. Also I thought one of your old usernames was carpe noctem? But it's been forever so idk lol I only came back at the end of last year. 👻
  3. Yay welcome back! I took a break for quite some time as well and just returned. I can’t wait to see all the pretties you make.
  4. That awkward moment when you try to order takeout, end up accidentally calling someone you want to avoid 😖 He didn't pick up, but now I have to text him and say it was an accident. ugh

    1. ailhsa


      Yikes. But you know...you don’t have to, unless it will bother you. 

  5. Current Name: Myriadly Desired Name: Whimsical Previous Name Changes: N/A
  6. Hey Ellie! Just wondering if you ever saw my PM?

    1. Bear&Fox


      I did, sorry for the late reply :)


  8. aww thankies. <3 and yes....I live for tvd at times too... should probably reevaluate my life. LOL! but here is a pressie for you! Merry Christmas! http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h473/elizabethnicoleTDA/2012pressie_zps10ad3629.png

  9. aw well you should definitely be proud, you have a great style. And thanks :) TVD is my life at times lol I totally understand the grammar thing. Same here. <3 I didn't know how this thing worked so I deleted my first reply to come post it on your profile instead xD

  10. Thankies for your complement on my banner <3 Means a lot coming from you, as I have always loved your style! Seriously. I love your gallery. All of it. Especially all the TVD graphicals <333

    1. arielle!



      Sorry. I am a grammar freak who constantly screws up her grammar.


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