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  1. Current Name: darkwing. Desired Name: paper crowns Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes Previous Name Changes: started as phasmatuus > aurora nights > Verloren > darkwing.
  2. ohmygoodness. to go from a 19 inch monitor to a 27 inch monitor. their is so much space for acitivities *faints*

    1. Tessalina


      oh, that's an awesome feeling! I have a macbook air, and 24-inch desktop monitor, and omg, the difference *v*

    2. Lauralei


      You lucky people!

  3. saraaaaa. i miss talking to you. *waves*

  4. keisha, aaaahh! tis i, ashley from mayhem&madness. how have you been? its exciting to have you back. *claps*

    1. BARTLEBY.


      OMG ASHLEYYYY! girl I have missed you and the whole M&M gang :( I've been crazy busy which is why i disappeared. how are youuuu?!?!

    2. paper crowns

      paper crowns

      ugh, trying to find a happy balance between real life and fantasy. or, yanno, creative-ness. XD buuut, most likely i'm out of a job so, hey, balance has been found! and money has been lost. :(

  5. *slides in awkwardly* Hey, did you see the PM or the request I put up in the Giant Eraser topic?

    1. paper crowns

      paper crowns

      I saw both and can't believe I forgot to reply. Eeek. Its been a bit hectic at work. I'll get you the re-sized banner tomorrow (Tuesday) though. <3

    2. looneylizzie


      Absolutely no problem! Take your time! I just wanted to make sure you saw it.


      And thank you again!!

  6. wanting to make something but having no idea what to make is utterly un-fun. *cries*

    1. niika


      banners are always the answer... :D

    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      ...dw my challenge will change this :sean:

  7. omg ashley tysm for the squee you're too sweet <3

    1. paper crowns

      paper crowns

      pfft. you so deserved the squee. that sig was awesome. and makes me want to watch the 100 again. <33

    2. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      I've been rewatching season one actually! def worth it they're all so tiny at the beginning it's amazing omg

  8. omg you found that font so fast, tysm ashley <333

    1. paper crowns

      paper crowns

      I have a way with googling. ;) Ahaha. You're welcome!

  9. Meggie: Whaaaaa'? I have no words. I'm just as speechless typing this as I was when I first read your comment. You have such amazing talent yourself, so, ahhhh, thank you for the wonderful praises that I totally don't deserve. :loves: Olivia: Thank you! I was still am utterly in shock that I got promoted at all. I actually had like ten people in that banner at one point but it was waaay to crowded then. I'm glad you like it though! Ashley: Hey, we have the same name! *claps* And thank you so much for the comment and congratulations. Eeee, I totally plan to enjoy it. and flaunt it everywhe
  10. Hey Theia! I'm going to call you that since you said it was your preferred name. forgive me when I spell it wrong because I know I will. I even spell my own name wrong sometimesokay a lot. I'm definitely a friendly person! And I do love questions, even when I don't have an answer. I'm very good at finding a ramble to give instead. Ahaha. I don't know if you're harmless but you are most assuredly a very snazzy person so I'm sure we'll talk more. :3 Vee? Who is this Vee person. Doesn't ring a bell. Nah, just kidding. Of course I remember you! And yes, we were on Monster Mash together. And I t
  11. I've technically been a member of TDA since April of 2010 how has it been that long? D: but I'm very floaty so, yanno, I'm going to pretend to be new. Or new-ish. And maybe actually be an active participant instead of a lurker this time around. *cough* Anyways, hai! I'm Ashley. I also go by Grif, Ash, and/or Ashy. You can call me whatever, even come up with a new nickname if you want. I'm very flexible in that way. Actually, that's pretty much the only way I am flexible. Athletic I am not. I'm not even coordinated enough to stand still without falling over. And I have no idea what to say. Oh
  12. i keep seeing your icon everywhere and it confuses me since i keep thinking i posted somewhere i didn't post. darn you for using one of my icons. :P also, hi. i'm ashley, or grif. i don't think we ever talked before. i'm forgetful, can't you tell?

    1. cleopatra.


      ahaha i'm sorry for all the confusion i've caused xD and no we haven't talked before - so you're absolutely right on that count! i'm pooja :D

  13. after a hundred years laura: ahhhh. you commented here and now i shall be overly goofy. which is saying something since i'm like goofy 90% of the time. ahem. anyways, thank you for the comment! and for liking that banner, even if its no longer in my gallery now. :3 i made new things though! i swear this is probably the fullest this gallery has ever been. *waves* tormenta: thank you! it was a pain to do the elephant in the text but i'm so glad i did. thank you thank you thank you.
  14. Hey Ashley, I saw your post in the PYLC thread and you definitely don't have a GH problem, mainly because there is no such thing as a GH problem >D It's just such a good anime and I can't deal sometimes <3

  15. Current Name: Verloren Desired Name: darkwing. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): Yes Previous Name Changes: phasmatuus > aurora nights > Verloren
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