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  1. Just thought I'd let you know, since you seem to not have noticed, that I left you the chapter image for chapter 3 in your topic post :)

  2. thanks for letting me know! I've finished it now so just tell me if you need anymore changes. :)

  3. Hi, just so you know, I asked for changes on that banner. Sorry for the bother.

  4. i hosted it for you, enjoy!

  5. Requested an icon... LOL, random, but we both like the same bands :)

  6. Sorry, I just left you the icons if you still want them - finals week has been awful! Sorry again!

  7. Hey,

    Hate to nag, but I posted in your icons section and I was wondering if you could take a minute to get those for me... thanks. :)

  8. 1st to comment... you rox.

  9. Lol yeah we do!! It's a hot rough world out there!!

  10. Us Floridian-awesome-loving girls need to stick together!

  11. Sorry for the long wait in the UFG section, I checked that topic only today :/

    But now the chapter image is done :D

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