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  1. how's this? I can't change anything about the base, but if you're unhappy with the text or colouring, I could try again! Otherwise, feel free to open this up to someone else if this wasn't what you had in mind! If you do like it, rehost and credit ^_^
  2. I wont have much time to look at this until next week at the earliest - but ill try to cover her v neck then. It is part of the base, so i cant actually remove the picture without having to redo the entire graphic, sorry!
  3. hey em! Long story short I happened to see that you made the banner for your fic ....and I had no idea you were an artist on TDA! That led me to an inevitable gallery stalk I love what you have so far, honestly - there's loads of potential and I know you're gonna do great ❤️ Out of everything you have in here, your sigs are my favourites! The "Pure at heart" sig has such a minimalistic vibe to it, the mono works really well, the font and the animation is so simplistic...it's one of the strongest pieces in here IMO. The composition in all of your sigs is pretty good, I like that you're experimenting with placement too - keep doing it. Even after 458 years of making graphics I need someone to kick me until I change up my same old centre left comp/warm colours/gold text combo xD I also have to say, the purple in the Midas Touch banner is soooo nice. I love a good purple, and any graphic that uses a dementor usually has my vote too. It has a real 2011 vibe about it, which is my fave kinda graphic :D If you ever have any questions or need a second opinion, feel free to poke me! Bex
  4. here's what I have for you! I can change the colouring and text, but I won't be able to do much with the base - sorry 😧 you can open this up to another artist, orrr if you happen to like it you can rehost and credit! :)
  5. okay so, here's what I have for you! I can't add/change/move/remove any of the images in the base but if you're unhappy with colouring or text, I can mess around with that of course, if you don't like it you can always reopen to another artist Otherwise, please rehost the banner and credit beyond the rain @ tda somewhere in your summary! Thank you!
  6. Anyone in the mood for a graphics battle? 

  7. I have a good model in mind for a young lily, she has a good retro theme - I could try this req for you?
  8. I really want to make a header inspired by Brexit, but if it's art imitating life I'm not sure I can handle putting such a mess on one canvas 🤷‍♀️

  9. here's what I have for you: I can only really change colours/text - I can't add/change/move/remove any images, sorry 😞 if like it you can rehost and credit beyond the rain @ tda and if it isn't what you had in mind, you can ask for changes or reopen to other artists
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