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  1. Hello, I'm new here and I kind of need a banner for my fic. I would be honored if you could do it?

    1. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      hi! Unfortunately I'm not available for requests right now. It means a lot that you thought of me though, and I hope you find someone ❤️ 

    2. raindropsandroses


      Okay, thank you anyway!

  2. your style is so stunning! Those banners and CIs are to die for *_* you were definitely inspo for me when I was moving up the ranks all those years ago 😅 good to see you back again!
  3. these by @aurevoir deserve all the love: I'm obsessed with the composition, the stock use, and that filtering works so well!!! the colour scheme *_* so pretty!!!
  4. ^ those are *_* @aurevoir This is my favourite piece by Cassie, I love the text, the colour palette, and the composition - all of it is stunning.
  5. Hi Cassie! I’m beyond fashionably late, I’m so sorry about how long it’s taken for me to write this for you! As requested, I’m going to talk about how you could change things up a bit - and text. These are two of the most common problems, text is the bane of my existence and versatility takes a conscious effort on my part - I completely understand. With all that in mind, let’s jump into the critique! Mixing Things Up This section is going to be heavily based on your banners because from what I could see, this section seemed the most repetitive. Your signatures and CIs are really versatile, you’ve got different colouring and composition choices - the text in all of them is really strong and different too. So, recently I wrote a guide to versatility, which might be useful to you. I’ll leave a link here, if you fancy a read. It talks about how to recognise when you’re being repetitive and the steps you can take to avoid this in the future. That tutorial is quite general, so I’m going to throw in a few extra tips and tricks suited to you personally. Firstly, line up your banners and see if you can spot any patterns. This helps identify any repeat placements, i.e text/people/focal points. For example in your continuous banners+ I’ve noticed all the text has gone on the left side. Banners 1, 3, and 4 are very similar in that you place your focal points centre-left. Banners 1, 2, 4 are similar as you have a secondary model placed behind the focal point. There’s nothing wrong with any of these decisions, in fact banners 2 and 3 are probably my favourite pieces in your entire gallery. However, once I actively started looking for similarities that went beyond your style, your habits were easy to find. The reason we do this is because we know that these compositions and placements make a successful graphic. One way to change your composition without doing much, is by flipping your canvas halfway through the process, and then carrying on. It changes perspective and moves everything to the other side. Another suggestion would be to start making ‘extreme’ comp choices, it sounds a lot wilder than it actually is. So, you could have your focal point on the far left/right of your graphic, or they could be upside down. There’s lots of creative choices you can make that might feel like we’re breaking the rules - but they’re there to be broken in my opinion! Across your gallery, I’ve noticed that you use warm colours, particularly browns. Some of your best graphics are dark and angsty, like this banner+ here is my absolute favourite. However if you want a challenge to break out of your comfort zone I’m going to suggest that you try making a banner that is really bright, think of using pinks/blues/reds - and make it entirely texture based! Text When I place text, I want it to be cohesive and readable. I’m going to show you some examples where you do that really well. This banner ( I am obsessed with this banner) and these x x x are all well executed and because of the text, I think they're the best pieces in your gallery. One thing I’ve noticed with your text is that it seems to be its own separate focal point. That does work, for example in your sacred twenty eight sig, you’ve incorporated the text into the signature by putting it behind a model and blended it all into the graphic really well. In this banner, it’s a bit more confusing. Initially my eyes are drawn to Fred and then the animation as he’s looking in that direction. However, the text is a lot brighter than the rest of the graphic, and is quite big. It takes up that entire right quarter of the banner. I would have moved it a bit lower down, a little further into the animation, and made it smaller. The banner seems quite angsty, and the text is very bright and contradicts the overall tone you’ve set. A different font choice, maybe something a bit less intense than “a theme for murder” (It’s my go-to angsty font choice) but with that sort of vibe. Choosing the colour of text is also important. I tend to pick a colour from the graphic, which normally works. I would advise against picking a colour from the banner and then putting the text on top of that colour, which is what you’ve done here. Recently, I’ve started picking a secondary colour from a graphic, so say if it was predominantly green with hints of yellow, I would make the text pale yellow and put it over a patch of dark green. In your banner, I would have maybe picked the blue from the flowers on the left hand side. Lastly, I just want to touch upon readability. In these banners, the text is a little bit difficult to read. I’ve seen you use drop shadows a couple of times which is a really good remedy for that. Another option would be to set a gradient (or use a fluffy brush, whichever you prefer) behind the text (opacity anywhere from 15-50%) of one colour that fits the banner but is the opposite colour of the text. They just need something to make them a bit more readable. In the “only the young” it’s another case of green being on top of green, and "lost in the lights" is blue on top of blue. Overall To wrap up, my advice to you as a fellow stock user would be that less is more. It’s really difficult using stock because sometimes you want to pack it with as much as possible. There’s books, candles, church stock, greenery, different flowers, different arch ways etc etc - I always feel like there is never enough space on a canvas. Stock alone can sometimes be overbearing and too much, but then with models, and text - we really do have a challenge in making our canvases look spacious. I love your work, your animation is always killer - and you have mastered an angsty vibe that I could only dream of. As staff artists we constantly find ourselves looking for a new challenge, and I hope this critique has given you a few new ideas to try! Feel free to PM me with any questions or any graphics if you need to! Bex
  6. jordan made me the prettiest set and now i'm sobbing in killing eve @amoretti the composition and colour scheme is stunning!!! The soft textures on the left side work so well and I could talk about this sig forever -- i love it.
  7. this is perfect *_* thank you for making this so quickly, it's beaut!!! rehosting & crediting asap
  8. Thanks you so much for the squee. My artistic ego is not so strong lately so it was a very nice surprise. 

    1. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      you're welcome! it's very well deserved ❤️ 

  9. Hey Hannah! Idk if you'll remember me, but I'm bex welcome back!!!
  10. ^thank you for the squees! and those CIs are STUNNING @wildest dreams. - i love the composition and the mix of mono and colours!!! @JadedWraith - I love the powerful message but beyond that, the composition is so well put together and the colour scheme is brilliant. All round perfection.
  11. Thank you!!!! You have to watch it - best thing I've seen in ages
  12. Hey! Just to let you know, I have seen this - I've just been really busy and in the midst of a slump myself. I'll get this written and up for you in the next week. I hope that's okay!
  13. here's what I came up with! if you're not happy with it, you can ofc reopen this to another artist. if not, you can rehost and credit beyond the rain (or molly marsh if it works w/ your sig theme, aha!) in your signature.
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