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  1. thank u so much for the squee!!!¬†ūüėć

    1. golden.


      No worries! It's such a gorgeous graphic, love the shape, comp, and text - everything! :loves:

  2. I'm so sorry, I can't get this to work. It'll need to be reopened.
  3. I hope this works! Let me know if you have anything you'd like changed.
  4. Hi Liv! It's so nice to meet you and it's awesome to have you here! I love your signature!
  5. Hi! It's so nice to meet you! I really love your signature. IU is so cute! Feel free to out if you have any questions or could use any help or anything!
  6. Oh man! Thank you so much for including me! The whole digest is really great and I appreciate all the work done on this!
  7. well then i was born crazy¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į seriously tho, i used to just stare at ur exo¬†icon set and thought that maybe if i looked long enough i'd¬†figure out how u made them¬†:blegh:

    1. &themoon


      That is so sweet! Thank you! I wish I knew too like... I can't figure it out now like, trying to make other icons I'm like.... they will never be as good as that exo set. But also it's just a bunch of icon textures like there's nothing particularly special about them but? They just look good somehow? Anyway. Thank you so much again.

  8. Me? A favorite artist? You must be crazy! You are too sweet thank you omg

  9. I am so in love with your gallery. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I am like, dying over the composition of stuff it's just? Perfection? It's so creative and amazing and gorgeous. I am ready to like, give up my whole life just for +this blend like? Who do you think you are??? I am just really in love with everything here and just! Truly amazing.
  10. Hi Mel! Starting out in graphics is like! The most fun time ever, really. It's such a cool journey. And so lucky about PS for free at work. I have that, too, but of course I've also bought CS6 years back so it's only so helpful now haha. Anyway (why am I talking about me?) it's super nice to meet you! I hope you have the best time here and I'm 100% here to provide any help I can!
  11. The first two seasons of Prison Break is where my heart like, basically lives. I love it so much. 

    1. JadedWraith


      yep, they were the best and so well written.


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