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  1. I’ll try this! Can I get the names of your models? Just in case I do need to look for other image suggestions
  2. @beyond the rain Thanks Bex, I think agree with you! Thanks both of you for the help
  3. @page thirteen. Hi Jaaade, thanks so much!! I think you're right, blue might be a better option, just wasn't sure what shade to go for
  4. Hello! I present to you this: This is for a challenge and I CANNOT DECIDE ON TEXT. I really like the actual graphic atm, I've tried reshuffling to make text work, but then I end up hating the base. I've come up with the two options below They're both able to be tweaked of course. But does anybody have any ideas?? I'm going totally text-blind on this graphic, I can't tell what looks good what's too much etc. All help is appreciated! ❤️
  5. @amoretti THAT'S MY BABY in a gorgeous graphics look at it!!
  6. thanks so much for the squee! ❤️

  7. @star crossed *drools aggressively*
  8. Great issue really well done everyone, really love the green columns. One good thing of this whole mess atm is that the Earth is getting a bit of a breather ❤️ And thanks for the feature!! I should actually get a couple of more png packs up soon, for anybody interested 👀
  9. @beyond the rain this comp and colour is gorgeous, such a cool evil vibe going on!
  10. thanks so much for another squee! ❤️ 

    he's my favorite bad guy too :P

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      you been killinnn it!! 

      ahhh gotta love a lil bit of Klaus, just the best kind of bad ❤️ 

    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      you're too kind :)

      definitely the best kind of bad haha

  11. ^^eeep thank you so much! ❤️ @star crossed my favourite bad guy in some of the coolest banner comp ever!
  12. thanks so much for the squee ❤️

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      you're very welcome, so deserved!! 

    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      :wub:aw thanks...that's my second attempt at making continuous banners and the first time I've ever completed them haha

    3. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      For a first completion it’s honesty superb! 

  13. you're so lovely for that squee ahh thank you ❤️ 

    1. amoretti


      You're more than welcome, it was gorgeous!

  14. thank you for the squee! ❤️

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      You’re welcome! Totally deserved ☺️

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