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  1. thanks so much for the squee! ❤️

  2. Great issue really well done everyone, really love the green columns. One good thing of this whole mess atm is that the Earth is getting a bit of a breather ❤️ And thanks for the feature!! I should actually get a couple of more png packs up soon, for anybody interested 👀
  3. thanks so much for another squee! ❤️ 

    he's my favorite bad guy too :P

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      you been killinnn it!! 

      ahhh gotta love a lil bit of Klaus, just the best kind of bad ❤️ 

    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      you're too kind :)

      definitely the best kind of bad haha

  4. thanks so much for the squee ❤️

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      you're very welcome, so deserved!! 

    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      :wub:aw thanks...that's my second attempt at making continuous banners and the first time I've ever completed them haha

    3. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      For a first completion it’s honesty superb! 

  5. you're so lovely for that squee ahh thank you ❤️ 

    1. amoretti


      You're more than welcome, it was gorgeous!

  6. thank you for the squee! ❤️

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      You’re welcome! Totally deserved ☺️

  7. ahh thanks so much for the squee! sooo nice to hear when someone likes something you're not even sure of yourself!! ❤️ 

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      You're welcome, I know what you mean but that blend is gorgeous!

  8. Kay!!! Of course I remember you 💕

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      Hiiiiii Bex! So nice to see old familiar names around again! 💖 can't wait to see what graphics you honour us with 

  9. Bexxxx hi! Dunno if you'll remember me, but I for sure remember you! Your graphics are the perfect dose of nostalgia - makes me think of old TDA :')
  10. What a great edition! Love the fun stats lol And thank you for the mention! Whilst I don’t have much time, I sure I am glad to be back
  11. oh hello, it's been forever

    1. ailhsa


      Hello! How have you been?

  12. Hamilton Update: I HAVE TICKETS FOR SEPTMEBER 22, GUYS

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. miss atomic bomb

      miss atomic bomb

      yay you're gonna love it!

    3. aurevoir
    4. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      i had much better seats and closer date but the website crashed after i put in my card details I WAS VERY PEED OFF

  13. psst i have this thing here and it's currently in a tie and i'd really love help pls thank youuuuu --- http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=135373&hl=

    1. bittersweetflames


      Jeez Kay... break my heart much?!

    2. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      Ahh should’ve changed my name to heartbreaker! <3

  14. Hamilton London tickets are being released on the 29th January at noon GMT!!

    1. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN



  15. New ham tixs available now btw - (saw ur post the other day) xx

    1. pixielife


      also hiiiiii because i totally did not did realise who you who were bc name change... #sorry

    2. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      unfortunately those are the Broadway tickets and I need West End ;(((((( hopefully soooooon

      and hiiiiiiiiii i'm being all sneaky sneak with my new name hehe

    3. pixielife


      ahh ofc wrong country (but hey, least you're closer than aus - at least we're getting CC haha) hiiiiiiii

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