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  1. Congratulations! You're such an inspiration and you totally deserve this!
  2. Hii! Since you posted on my gallery I thought I'd check yours out and gosh- it's gorgeous! :drop: I love the variety in your signatures, (and everything, for that matter) and this one is definitely my favorite! The coloring in the "Quadrophenia" icons is really fabulous! I definitely think one of your strongest points is text, something I definitely wish I had. Keep doing what you're doing, dearie! ~Anna
  3. Present Name: GinnyPotter Desired Name: .dittany Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No) Yes please
  4. No probs :) and yep as soon as i get the time to add them on here :)

  5. I wish! But I can't... What about you? Are you going?

  6. Ugh I wish that was me!!! Are you going to the Slamaganza/Charity Event?

  7. I nearly died I went all screaming and OMGing and all, I had to ask my friend to look at it and tell me it's real. They are all so nice, I love team starkid and I can't wait for their next project

  8. Oh I love Joey too! And Brian- I would have died if he replied to me.

  9. I love her too :) But! My favorite StarKid is Joey Richter and very close is Brian Holden(Brian answered me on facebook! ♥)

  10. I love Starship! Lauren Lopez is fabulous in it!! Who's your favorite starkid?

  11. Yay! I love team starkid fans! Have you seen Starship?

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