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  1. Shhh...you can come in there with me. Since its probably the best seat in the house. :D

  2. I think we can manage that. ^.^ It's not much of a penalty if you get to sit there and ogle cute guys all day though.

  3. Well so long as I can still see into the arena. :D You know...where all those cute guys are playing with each other? Yeah that one. ^_^

  4. No we'll still keep you. But you get to sit in the penalty box for a while. :P

  5. Crap. Do I get kicked out of the fandom now?! o.O!!!

  6. I'm all for that! Let's get our futuristic gangster on! Also, the only thing I know of Japanese is that they don't pluralize things. XD

  7. I don't think I was supposed to pluralize 'tsubasa'. HA! :D

  8. Screw your tsubasas. Those are for the birds, ne?! Let's go kick it in Mallepa with Kei and Sho. ^_^

  9. I was trying to think of a clever comment in response but I drew a blank so instead... HI! *spazwave* <3

  10. Ohhh - spread your tsubasa on this blue planet Amy-chan! Welcome to TDA! <3 ^_^

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