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    Harry Potter, Crime Shows, Game of Thrones, Arthurian Legends, all things geeky.
  1. - home - canons - rules - plot - We are Enkeli, a character driven, series two Shadowhunter RP and once again, the Shadow World is on the brink of war. Under the shining lights of New York CIty, a dark evil is rising and yet again, one of the Nephilim's own is a threat to Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike and they'll need to team up in order to save not only the city, but the whole world because Sebastian intends to see it burn. -- Reasons you should join + We are a Shadowhunters RP set after series two of the show but influenced by the books. + We accept Canons and Originals, including characters from the books. + Friendly community with great characters, brand new plots and active staff. + No word count.
  2. HPFF originally but recently joined PottersWorld and was reminded of it.
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