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  1. thank you for the mention--i am in SUCH good company with all of the spotlight graphics!
  2. updated with a banner ✌️
  3. Hi! Thank you, everyone, for stopping by! My computer has been on the fritz so it is great to be back WITH MY PEOPLE
  4. YOU'RE BACK. i love this. how are you so talented at everything?
  5. your banners! your blends! i love them all 😍 are the illustrations your own? they're absolutely adorable. and a roosterteeth fan- you truly have it all! i'm obsessed with the texture work on your dove cameron icons, i can't wait to see more!
  6. wowowowowow i am in love with your work. it's amazing to scroll through your sigs and watch your style develop, and then to see the rest of it in action across your gallery is just. wow. the bold text, the vibrant colors, i'm blown away. congrats on your featured artist nom, btw! i feel like i'm doing a bit of hero worship right now so it was definitely well earned!
  7. congratulations on your featured nom! i've actually been meaning to come look at all your things since i saw that emilia sig in the last creation thread (or maybe it was the squee thread?) i love the colors of it and the blending is just so smooth, it's beautiful. thank you for making the colorful icon challenge as well, i had been hoping for an icon challenge to pop up and it was a great way to sort of test my own abilities. i'm definitely going to check back and see if you have more stuff to ogle soon
  8. i've been meaning to stop by here since i saw your avengers banners and, wow, those are somehow not even the best thing here! i also love the cd case graphic, the palette is lovely and it is just a great use of textures and stock! congrats on your featured artist nom, i can't wait to see more from you!
  9. thank you both for stopping by! updated with a new CI and banner, cleaned out some old stuff.
  10. thank you for the kind words! please check back in, i am steadily trying to fill this place up!
  11. I think that was me- thank you! I'll hopefully phase those things out as i make new things, but i'm glad they helped jog your memory! updated with a sig
  12. thank you!! it's great to be back. updated with two banners and a sig
  13. thank you! updated with two sigs and a CI
  14. thank you both! i'm doing a bit of a clean-out and update, but i'll be sure to keep some of those things around ❤️
  15. thank you! it feels good to be back 🤠 updated with a banner
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