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  1. Sorry for the wait! My week's been a little hectic but this is what I came up with. Sorry that his shirt is red-- it's one of the only goofier pictures I could find of him. If you'd like any changes let me know and I can try to make it happen or you can reopen it! Otherwise credit to Athymia Paradise@TDA
  2. Hi Emily Just like everyone else, I am in love with your Criminal Minds signature. Spencer Reid is my heart and soul. The purple and blue colors in your blend are also super cool. Whenever I try to make something purple or pink the colors always become weeiirdd. You've got a lovely start and I can't wait to see more 😛
  3. Okay, all done! I can make a few simple changes (text, slight coloring), but if you want anything very big it may have to be reopened 😞 If you do like it, please remember to rehost and credit to Athymia Paradise @ tda!
  4. Hello, RogueSlytherin! I am very willing to take your request if you'd like
  5. Helloo~ I've been lurking on your gallery so regularly that I figured it was finally time to drop a message hahaha. I love your gallery so far! Everything is so lovely and you've got such great variety. This sig and this banner are absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!
  6. Present Name: chocolate_bunny Desired Name: Athymia Paradise Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No) Yes, that'd be fantastic Previous Name Changes: jaylakilson13 --> chocolate_bunny Sorry to add to your work load I just had to. Happy New Year!
  7. I'm thinking of changing my name on New Years, but I can't think of anything catchy =/

  8. Omg, the butterflies he puts in my stomach <3

  9. One Dierction fanfiction? Ew.

  10. Is there anything in Nuzzy's Image Pack that I should take out? I'm particularly sure when she posted it and whatnot Thanks!
  11. Hello world and all it's inhabitants =)

  12. Ready for the sun to go down so I can eat :P

  13. BREATH, JAYLA, BREATHE! Okay. I'm better now.

  14. WHYYY??? I'm not ready DX gawwshhh I knew I should've waited until the last day. I knew it. Ugh. Fail XP

  15. How?? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! You just killed me with your awesome graphics. And now I'm dead. But, seriously, how on EARTH did you get coloring on your "no idea" chapter image and your complete last set of icons? Reallyy, I mean, I thought that kind of coloring was impossible to achieve in Gimp! I'm not even kidding. Just wow. Consider my mind completely blown. Completely. It would be awesome if you could create a tutorial on every single thing in you gallery. I guess I'll force myself to stop fawning over your gallery and leave now. Stay awesome. And again, wow.
  16. Haaiii!

    Eek! You critiqued my gallery RIGHT before I added more graphics :P

    Can you come back pretty please with cherries on top?! :D

  17. Hi :)

    I've heard you're very friendly XD

  18. Username: chocolate_bunny Gallery Link: When all else fails...
  19. BEEEE!!!! UR ONLINE OMG!!!

  20. Yes Jayla's the name, Graphic're the game;even if a suck miserably... Yepperz ^_^ I 'bouta eat some cherry ice cream

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