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    Hockey, hockey, any more hockey! I'm currently still in school at age 28 because I'm trying to take my love for hockey and writing and make it into the world of sport journalism. It's been years and year since I've made graphics but I'm trying to shake off the rust and get back into it. PM me if you just wanna talking because I love meeting new people.

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  1. Hey friends! I'm Megan, 28 years old, and slowly getting back into making graphics! Banners: Signatures: Other: ~*credit*~
  2. lol i JUST deleted some messages in my inbox so hopefully it will work now. try sending it again? sorry for the trouble! <3

  3. hey :) i tried to send you my banner and images for you to make yours but it says that your inbox is full so you cant receive it :(

  4. omg XD I looove your sig ♥

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