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  1. Hello and welcome to TDA's Halloween Party! We've got lots of fun and games for you down in the Event Center! You can go trick or treating for some cool new graphics made by each other for each other! Or maybe you'd like to test your observation skills and try and find all of our hidden pumpkins! Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at our spoooooky challenges that will test all of your graphics skills. Finally, head on down to our Ghost Stories section for some spooky games and spam! We've got something for everyone, including a brand new theme made by Lola and hamylton., with a beautiful header from bewitching.! You've got just over two weeks of festivities, so head on over and start the fun! +TDA's Halloween Party!
  2. hamylton.

    TDA Survey

    Hello! As you have probably noticed, our number of active members have been decreasing for a while. We would like to find out why and if there is anything we can do, not only to change that, but also to make TDA better for everyone. We value everyone's opinion and will discuss any and all suggestions that you make. To do this, we have created a survey that is completely anonymous. No information will appear alongside your answers and we will have no clue who has said what. That is so that you can all be as open and honest as you want. The more we know and the more people that fill in the survey, the more we can do to improve things. Thank you to everyone who fills it in. We would also appreciate it if you could spread the link around if you know of people who used to be active but aren't anymore. TDA Survey Link
  3. hamylton.

    October DA Digest

    Get your entries in!
  4. September: Colourful Creative Icon Challenge The Four Seasons Challenge September DA Digest October: EDIT THIS THREAD AND USE THIS CODE TO PLACE NEW WINNERS: [b]Challenge Name:[/b] [b]Issued by:[/b] [b]1st Place:[/b] [artist name] {entry} [b]2nd Place:[/b] [artist name] {entry} [b]3rd Place:[/b] [artist name] {entry} Challenge Name: Colourful Creative Icon Challenge Issued by: bewitching. 1st Place: bewitching. {entry} 2nd Place: JadedWraith {entry} Challenge Name: The Four Seasons Challenge Issued by: bewitching. 1st Place: pootje {entry} 2nd Place: AnaInWonderland {entry} Challenge Name: September DA Digest Issued by: abhainn 1st Place: persephone. {entry} 2nd Place: concise {entry} 3rd Place: bewitching. {entry}
  5. @wildest dreams. @scintilla @slrhoades @AnaInWonderland @aurora borealis @concise
  6. Hello! The Sorting thread from the Harry Potter Celebration month has been moved into the Welcome section, so anyone who didn't get chance to be sorted and get a super cool badge on their mini profile can now do so! You can view the thread here!
  7. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
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  9. @seraphine. Are you able to make these changes?
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  12. Hi Caleb! I'm Amy. Welcome to TDA!
  13. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
  14. ACCEPTED! Thank you for posting your advertisement on TDA.
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