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  1. Welcome Anony! I hope you have fun here!
  2. @coyrubis. Find a challenge you want to participate in, make a graphic according to the challenge brief and then post it in the thread like you would in a regular challenge.
  3. TDA’s first ever Skills Month has begun! Head on over to take part in 10 challenges that will test and improve your graphic making skills! Skills Month
  4. My unicorn name is Buttercup River Lily which is just lovely! I think Sassy Rainbow Rocket wins everything though
  5. @suga. @ScareyKerri @ana in wonderland
  6. Here is the admin pre-promo crit that you requested. Apologies for the delay in doing it. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Composition You have good composition skills. You’re able to use both textures and stock in your graphics and pick images that work well at conveying the feelings and theme of the graphic. Your blending skills are excellent and you use partial monochrome well which aids your focal points. The next thing for you to work on is adding depth to your graphics. This is often done by layering people and objects of different sizes to make it looks like
  7. You need to have to post +here to have yourself added to the birthday list. That’s where we get the list for the digest from!
  8. Welcome to TDA's Easter Egg Hunt 2021! This year, things will be a little different. Rather than scouring the forums desperately trying to find your eggs, you will be given a set of riddles that will lead you to the eggs. Each egg is accompanied by a riddle that hints towards the next egg. Once you've found them all (or as many as you can), post in the +Submissions within our Easter Egg Hunt subforum! There are 15 eggs hidden throughout the forums. Those who reach the end will be rewarded! You have one week! The submissions thread will close on April 11th. We also have
  9. Hi everyone! Please join me in welcoming our brand new Staff Moderator, @bewitching.!
  10. @JadedWraith @iron man @wildest dreams.
  11. @doctor ziegler @Amortentia1992 @kaitkat
  12. Voting is now open! Voting is open from now until the end of January DMA Voting!
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