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  1. Welcome Anony! I hope you have fun here!
  2. @coyrubis. Find a challenge you want to participate in, make a graphic according to the challenge brief and then post it in the thread like you would in a regular challenge.
  3. TDA’s first ever Skills Month has begun! Head on over to take part in 10 challenges that will test and improve your graphic making skills! Skills Month
  4. My unicorn name is Buttercup River Lily which is just lovely! I think Sassy Rainbow Rocket wins everything though
  5. @suga. @ScareyKerri @ana in wonderland
  6. Here is the admin pre-promo crit that you requested. Apologies for the delay in doing it. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Composition You have good composition skills. You’re able to use both textures and stock in your graphics and pick images that work well at conveying the feelings and theme of the graphic. Your blending skills are excellent and you use partial monochrome well which aids your focal points. The next thing for you to work on is adding depth to your graphics. This is often done by layering people and objects of different sizes to make it looks like
  7. You need to have to post +here to have yourself added to the birthday list. That’s where we get the list for the digest from!
  8. Welcome to TDA's Easter Egg Hunt 2021! This year, things will be a little different. Rather than scouring the forums desperately trying to find your eggs, you will be given a set of riddles that will lead you to the eggs. Each egg is accompanied by a riddle that hints towards the next egg. Once you've found them all (or as many as you can), post in the +Submissions within our Easter Egg Hunt subforum! There are 15 eggs hidden throughout the forums. Those who reach the end will be rewarded! You have one week! The submissions thread will close on April 11th. We also have
  9. Hi everyone! Please join me in welcoming our brand new Staff Moderator, @bewitching.!
  10. @JadedWraith @iron man @wildest dreams.
  11. @doctor ziegler @Amortentia1992 @kaitkat
  12. Voting is now open! Voting is open from now until the end of January DMA Voting!
  13. @kalopsia @aurora borealis @wanderedaway @persephone. @Schultz.
  14. 🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

  15. The 2020 Dark Mark Awards are open for nominations! Nominations are open from December 1st to December 29th. Voting will commence in the new year! Every nomination will earn you 1 Vault point. Don't forget to claim them when you finish your nominations! Make sure to check the general rules for nominating and the specific rules in each nomination thread. If you have any questions, post below or in the nomination rules thread. The Dark Mark Awards 2020!
  16. Thank you so much! You're too nice ❤️
  17. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful graphics around!
  18. Hello everyone and welcome back! While we were offline, we’ve been busy making lots of awesome new changes. First of all, we would like to thank Becca (ForgottenFace) for hosting us for the past two years. We are now hosted along with Pottersworld, whose admins have been very helpful as we decided about the future of our websites. Secondly, TDA's Halloween Event will be extended by 3 days (the time we have been offline) until the 12th November. Now for the changes: New Ranks We have added two new ranks and have introduced tiers for our wonderf
  19. A Guide to TDA Where to start Rules & FAQs - This section will teach you everything you need to know about using TDA. Post a Welcome Thread - Introduce yourself to everyone at TDA. Birthday List - Post your birthday and get added to our list. Profile - Fill out your profile with whatever information you want to share. Avatar - Your avatar can be uploaded from your profile. It can be any image you choose that follows our rules. They are square, usually between 100x100px and 200x200px. Signature - Your signature will show below all of your posts and should be no bigger than 500x
  20. TDA Lexicon Graphic Types Aesthetic - A collection of images that represent a specific thing. It may be yourself, a character or a general theme. Avatar - Usually 100x100, 150x150 or 200x200. This is your profile display picture. Banner - Usually 700x110 or 700x150. Used for fanfiction stories. Blend - Often 800x600. A large graphic. Chapter Image (CI) - Usually 380x300. Used in chapters of fanfiction stories. Colourisation - A black and white image that has been coloured by the artist. Cover Photo - Minimum 1000x180. Used at the top of your profile. Header - Usually 700x250. Used i
  21. Hello and welcome to TDA's Halloween Party! We've got lots of fun and games for you down in the Event Center! You can go trick or treating for some cool new graphics made by each other for each other! Or maybe you'd like to test your observation skills and try and find all of our hidden pumpkins! Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at our spoooooky challenges that will test all of your graphics skills. Finally, head on down to our Ghost Stories section for some spooky games and spam! We've got something for everyone, including a brand new theme made by Lola and hamylton., with a beau
  22. Hello! As you have probably noticed, our number of active members have been decreasing for a while. We would like to find out why and if there is anything we can do, not only to change that, but also to make TDA better for everyone. We value everyone's opinion and will discuss any and all suggestions that you make. To do this, we have created a survey that is completely anonymous. No information will appear alongside your answers and we will have no clue who has said what. That is so that you can all be as open and honest as you want. The more we know and the more peop
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