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  1. bright spark

    I Challenge Thee - Cycle 48

    mine! I challenge thee to make a pair of continuous banners, with contrasting themes and colours.
  2. bright spark

    February Promotions!

    such a great bunch of people to get promos! ❤️
  3. Challenge Issued By: bright spark Challenge Title: The New Resource Challenge! Image Size: up to artist Text: up to artist Specific Images: see below Mood: up to artist Animation? up to artist Other Information: Are you always using the same resources? Post 'in' and I will give you a resource pack from a TDA creator which will be featured prominently in your graphic. It could be stock, a texture, or a people pack. Everything else is up to you! (plus I really need to get a move on with reorganising those links...) ~ remember to add the credits to your gallery!~ If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge ends: 17th February Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here] OR [img=image url here] The List! @jellybean jones - +Cat's Flower Stock @galaxies - +niki's architecture @ShadowRose - +Rohini's Indian Landscape Stock #2 @bittersweetflames - +Glitterbug texture pack @.amaris - +Branwen's POC Female Image Pack @XxTheAvengerXxX - +Katlynn's Church Architecture Stock Pack 01 @concise - +Desert Stock Pack @Lola. - +en's summer stock pack @finxter365 - +Mik's Science textures @prongsbeak - +these cunnings folks @Kirjava - +Asian Image Pack @choobacca - +Medium-Sized Textures from Public Domain Images
  4. honestly I'd vote for all the entries in the jan UC poll, they're all so stunning!! (and then there's mine which is okay too :P )

    1. XxTheAvengerXxX


      There's two I would LOVE to try, but you can only pick one! 😭

  5. bright spark

    spark of madness

    This is amazing, thank you so much! I was reading through and nodding in agreement with everything. I will be taking it all on board and hopefully making improvements in those areas. And I will also be attempting the challenge with all that in mind! ❤️
  6. bright spark

    i cast a spell on you (bewitching's critique)

    Artist Name: bright spark / Zoë Acknowledged Weak Points: text visibility, variation in composition, style Type of Critique Requested: I don't have much time for lots and lots of graphics making at the moment, so I'd like to know what the key areas are that I need to work on! Software: Photoshop Most Recent Gallery Update: 15th January Gallery Link: +clicky Requested Time Frame: obviously when you have time ❤️
  7. this is beaut!! Will rehost & post a screencap when PW is back up ^_^
  8. bright spark

    french navy.

    your entire gallery is stunning but I'm honestly here for one thing those star wars icons are PERFECT and I love them and I want them on things I can buy 😍
  9. bright spark

    a (not so) triumphant return

    Hi Mia! I'm Zoë, one of the mods here I actually came back to TDA (and more recently PW) after a long break in the summer! There was a lot I'd forgotten but also a lot I'd remembered, and everyone here is so happy to help! We have a lot of resources & tutorials that are utterly fantastic, plus places to get critique and advice. I hope you have a lot of fun here, and please get in touch if you have any questions!
  10. bright spark

    January Promotions!

    What a well-deserving list!! congratulations everyone!
  11. Size: 500x200, 200x200Images: any suitable of Jameela JamilText: Tia Ross or Tatiana RossColor Preferences: bright, colourfulPreferred Mood: happyLink to Place to be Used: my profileLink to Screencap: screencapWhen was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): 2nd OctoberAdditional Information: she's a kinda shy, kinda weird twelve year old. thanks to whoever picks this up ❤️
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