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  1. great edition + wonderful graphics completely agree with the tiger king review too 🐯
  2. Hey! Don't forget to post your thumbnail in your UC post!

    1. felis catus

      felis catus

      thanks for letting me know :) it was already in the code, but i've added it in to the main post now, too 😊

  3. ur back omg !!!!! hey gorl!!!!

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    2. felis catus
    3. paper doll

      paper doll

      yes i am she!!!!!!!!!! im good how are u !!!

    4. felis catus

      felis catus

      omg ok so i need to check tda more often wah deadlines!!! im good how r u??? still on pw or no xoxo

  4. fully aware this reply is over two years late, but thanks everyone for the comments xx
  5. so i've just spent like forever on Kate Grigorieva's bellazon OMG SHE'S SO PRETTY I'VE SAVED LIKE A MILLION PICTURES OF HER - so this may take a while trying to decide what pictures to use >.<

    1. felis catus

      felis catus

      hahaha isn't she perfect! take all the time you need <3 thank u for taking my req in the first place, sorry it' so vague

    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      psshhh it's fine, vague means more room to experiment - it will go one of two ways - I try and fit ten versions of her on the sig or just the one, or i might make one of each - it depends on how much time I have tomorrow xD

  6. ^ chupacabra, while you may not intended to offend with your comment about staff artists, I personally found it offensive. I also find the idea that staff artists who you personally don't see as being up to staff level 'complex the standards that current grads need to meet to get staff' confusing, as surely once someone has reached graduate level they should be able to identify who of the staff has the strongest skills and then striving to bring their own graphics up to a similar skill level? Also I find the idea that the above rank should be the one and only guideline for lower ranks when it
  7. Whilst I can understand that the comment posted under the list of promotions may not of meant to leave members feeling isolated, insulted and hurt, I feel it had every potential to do so. Perhaps the intention wasn't to do this, but when things like "It is a busy time of year, which we understand, but it's still no excuse for sloppy blending, or overcolouring, or over usage of textures." and "Having four fonts on one banner, or making a graphic that is flooded with red will not get you promoted. Neither will usage of trendy stocks and textures." are said I find it hard to see how it can be tak
  8. style v questionable new on top banners chapter images signatures blends credits
  9. calico - wow prea, so nice to meet you too! I don't believe we've ever spoken before baking obviously makes the world go around and tgbbo is the show that spreads that message! nymeria. - hi! horses do always take up so much time, haha, they're so ridiculously dependant. what kind of riding did you do? ^.^ And yes, sort of. as far as I under stand it, it's the study of crime in society so it possibly will lead to some sort of work with the police. :-) &themoon - ahah thank you! ^_^ I could say the same for you ~ your gallery always has me envious whenever i scroll through
  10. Hi! so I'm obviously not new to tda, but I'm accidentally very antisocial here at tda so I'm hopping on the bandwagon so yes ~ I'm awful at writing this sort of thing and, well, writing in general, but anyway, I'm Freda. In the past I've been Savoed, noxxx. and leg0las_luvr here at tda, and I found tda in 2010 through the lovely banners on hpff which I found through google. I'm from Scotland, like cats, and spend most of my spare time on tumblr or netflix marathoning tv shows like Grimm, OITNB, Sons of Anarchy, Gossip girl, anything else that looks interesting etc etc. I also like t
  11. ^^ahh so many pretty flowers ^and such beautiful colours, too and i'm back b/c meerkats and things
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