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  1. NAAAADIA kinda like more than a year late to the 'congrats on getting staff parade' but CONGRATS ON STAFF you're so good at life how do you even compose banners i dont get it teach me your skillz <3 ok bai
  2. HEY BRIELLE. I miss you so much! You're probably not active on TDA much anymore and I don't go on skype too much so it may be awhile before you read this, but I hope everything is going well. Also, merry christmas! <3 http://i.imgur.com/DJStK7X.gif

  3. brie cheese


    Thank you for everything you've done for the site, Susan!
  4. Eeee congrats everyone! And dawney and mikey ily guys
  5. just noticed that one of the titles on your banners is the same name of meh gallery lol

    1. brie cheese

      brie cheese

      yes of course! go ahead :D

    2. brie cheese

      brie cheese

      yes of course! go ahead :D

    3. bonkers&co


      lol it actually already is XP

  6. Hey Nadia bby Here for some crit that you requested ages ago Sorry it's taken so long D: First, a clean out- banners this+ and maybe this+ ~ they both look a litle old, and the the text is a bit hard to read. I actually really like the second, but I can't read the text very well and the coloring is a bit off :( icons this set+ ~ it looks a little LQ and the cuts aren't as interesting as the other ones are. signatures this+ ~ the girl is looking really pink and her facing away from the main text throws off the focal point a bit chapter images this+ ~ it doesn't look as good as the other two. The text is small and hard to read and the coloring is off on the girl. It's also a bit LQ. blends/other I would keep all of these Next, weaknesses- I agree with you that image quality and text are your biggest issues, but I wouldn't consider coloring a huge weakness. If anything, you could make your coloring a little more dramatic, but you can pull off the understated coloring well. You use stock really well, and none of your graphics really require a bright, overly colored look. I think that if you ever made a graphic that needed that, you'd be able to figure that out. As for text, you just need to focus on making it readable, and on making it fit into a graphic, Sometimes, your text is a little sideways and hard to read, like in this banner+. Make sure it isn't too dark to read, too. Usually, you fit it into the composition really well Make sure the color comes from the background/base of a graphic, too. This makes it fit a lot better and then it looks like its supposed to be there. Finally, strengths- I think youre really good at using stock and composing graphics. Really, if you smooth out a few bumps with text and image quality, you'll be unstoppable I hope I helped a little bit <3 Brielle
  7. eee my wenderful elf <3 you're perf and so is everyone else <3 thank you for organizing this <3
  8. me rica you asdfjkl; hello the wendeh darling ;D i guess its okay because second is the best first, i love your gallery. i think the white lines in the middle are really unique i dont think i've ever seen that in a layout like yours before, usually its a solid color and even more than your layout, i adore your bannerssigsiconschapterimagesblends because asdfjkl; the comp and coloring and everything *no words* *dies from perfection* *is revived* anyway ily stay wenderful, deary
  9. Present Name: ​charme. Desired Name: brie cheese Also Change Login Name? no thanks Previous Name Changes: briellle to charme. (last year)
  10. mike nadiastephclaudiakittehthewendydawneomfg <3333333333 congrats everyone <3
  11. hey victoria! Brielle here with your requested crit, I'm so sorry its taken so long :( I've been super busy D: you have a really nice start here! I agree that text is a weakness of yours, but thats nothing thats too hard to fix! This tut+ is really nice for making text fit into a graphic. Honestly I think that everyone struggles with text, so don't feel alone on that one I love this sig+. You've done a nice job of making the text fit in and be the focal point without overpowering anything, which is nice. The wolf is still easy to see and the coloring is really nice. On the other hand, this sig+ has really rough text I like the composition and although the whites are a little bright, the coloring is nice (i love red ) The text really overpowers the rest of the grapic. You could fit in that amount of text in a smaller font, and maybe tone down the linking words by making them smaller than the script and making them not in caps. It could also draw more attention to Taylor by tilting slightly to the side. I like how the bottom text in this sig+ points to justin, because it makes the eye want to look at him. I would try to make subtext all lowercase as often as possible. Sometimes that just doesn't work, but usually it makes it keep a solid focal point much better. \ Honestly, I think you're doing a nice job on compotision. One thing I'd watch is text taking over the focal point. Sometimes, like in the wolf sig, thats okay, but in a banner like this one+ or like in this blend+ the text is bright and really takes over everything. (again, in the blend, the smaller text is overpoweing and bigger than it needs to be. I'd even try it above the forver, under the F a little, to draw the focal point up) The bright colors match the background nicely, but they kind of take over the graphic. In the banner, taylor is hard to see because she's looking a litle LQ, but a little sharpening will fix that right up, and because the yellow text is brighter than she is. If you dimmed down the text a little, even with it being the same size, you could see taylor a lot better. As I look over your graphics, I'd say to try and keep preparation the same across images. Like in this banner+, adele looks a lot more contrasted than lana does, which makes it hard to look at. Adele also looks a bit unnatural, and even if you wanted her to be the focal point over lana, I'd tone down the contrast and color her with gradieint maps or color balance. For your icons, I'd vary up cuts a liitle bit, just expierment and you'll find more ways to make them I hope I helped a little
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